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Cuban doctors in Istanbul, "the anti-cancer drugs is the same as a bottle of water in Cuba"


Professor Dr. Lorenzo Angulo was Anasagas, «cancer vaccine will happen to the price of" issues "can not interfere with the doctor, but money as the price we pay for drugs with the same money we pay for a bottle of water in Cuba," he said, .

The number of those who went to Cuba for cancer treatment and vaccines that they develop Cuban oncologists in the country is growing every day. research against cancer, especially in recent years highlights The Cuban Institute of Oncology On the area of ​​cooperation, Istanbul Okan University Hospital & # 39;Cuban medical oncologists began to take part in March.

Three Cuban doctors, hospitals will be involved in the evaluation process in oncology council. At the hospital The Cuban Institute of Oncology Center "Create planned. With the creation of the Center, Turkish doctors involved in cancer research in Cuba.

"We are on the & # 39; is the war against cancer"

Hilton Hotel in Taksim yesterday on the subject held a press conference. Vice president of the Cuban Institute of Oncology Professor Dr. Lorenzo Angulo was Anasagas, Saying that they have declared war on cancer in collaboration "We have a very important biotechnology in Cuba. We have new innovative products. both have high-tech recruiting community of IT services. Sun Thus, the right products and the right to use a doctor in Cuba for a cancer patient is no longer on duty at Istanbul University Hospital arrow " he said.

According to Sibel Bahçetepe of the Republic was Anasagas, mild vaccine against cancer in Cuba on the question of what is going on, "can not in Turkey's prices to prevent the doctor, because the prices, but we pay for drugs with the money we pay for a bottle of water which can tell you the money, but "he replied.

Anasagas has been linked to lung cancer vaccine in Cuba, "particularly in lung cancer, a tumor vaccine, which has the effect type. This vaccine is used sometimes alone, sometimes with other medicines … We have achieved good results in patients with advanced. Asthma is a & # 39 is a chronic disease such as diabetes. This product will not get the results that can be used even in the prophylactic treatment of "make an assessment.

The Institute will be created

Okan that the University Board of Trustees Chairman Bekir Okan In March, two thousand patients were examined 200 applications made, he said. Okan "from Asia, from Europe, patients from the Middle East. Cuban doctors first patient in our hospital were from Romania, "he said

"There are significant improvements in skin cancer"

Especially important new research treatments talked about skin cancer Dr. Alper Demirarsl He said,

"Cubans cancer oncologists accelerate our struggle, our hospitals are participating in the Council of oncological treatment, used in the modern world. Considering the patient's file with the committee, he cares about the patient and the treatment they were leaving. The right patient, right drug, right dosage application system. Dr. Lorenzo about 17 research also led to Turkey on. Work back in most of the product. In particular, there are important new treatment works in collaboration naked skin cancer. We also obtain their patents. The biggest feature of the new drug, a great impact on the side effects of cancer, but also very low. Upon further interaction with different molecules are used in various tumor effect can be obtained with a high content of tumors. "

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