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Dersim "communist president» Maçoğl forward


Dersim "Communist president» Maçoğl forward

The list of candidates and CAP «communist president" is known as the former Mayor Mehmet Fatih Maçoğl Ovazhike close to victory in Dersim. Number 7 polls before the end of 5000 Maçoğlu 328, while it is in hdp & # 39; n 4 000 607 votes have been proposed.

WALL – East leads to Dersim, who & # 39 is one of the cities most interesting and Turkey are close to winning candidates from the Communist Party Ovacik Mayor Mehmet Fatih Maçoğl old list. Maçoğl, a common room of the Socialist Federation of the Assembly showed. Revolutionary Güçbirliği Derse, which will come under the roof election NURSAT Green HDPE and H shown as co-chair iron candidates. Reporters Ferit Demir, announced the following results at 18:36 on twitter:

«CAP: 5328
HDPE: 4607
Open 7 polls there .. "

Anadolu gave the following results: 68 percent of the ballot box that opens, Maçoğl 32,6 percent, HDPE 28,46%

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