Detained by elderly inmates


The first incident that occurred in the Efeler district occurred on September 13 at Aatun Atatürk Hospital. Durmuş E. (83) came to Aydın Atatürk State Hospital for treatment due to severe back pain. Meanwhile, waiting at the hospital was waiting for Halil's parents Ibrahim Aydinli's back pain and he went to his room saying that it could help. The old man who suffered dissatisfaction with the thief went 2 thousand 500 TL. The second incident occurred on September 23 at Adnan Menderes University Hospital and Application Hospital. Ziya K. (75) also returned to the hospital with low back pain. Halil İbrahim Aydınlı, approached the old man Ziya K. and formed a conversation. Halil Ibrahim Aydinli, who later said that he was good for his back pain and good for his back pain, took the old man to a hotel in the city center. While Ziya K. took off his jacket and clothes and lay on the bed, Halil İbrahim Aydınlı escaped from the hotel taking a jacket. It is known that the total value of the jacket is 2 thousand TL and the cellphone has a quarter of gold. Two elderly men complained to the police with the help of relatives and gave a description of the suspect.


Provincial Security Directorate General Security Branch Office robbery under the Trust Team, as long as their work on the road during Halil's identity check İbrahim Aydınlıyı asked by asking for identity. Halil Ibrahim Aydınlın who did not come out of his cousin's identity, tried to get rid of identity information, but the lie was learned as soon as possible. It was revealed that Halil İbrahim Aydınlın, whose identity was revealed through fingerprint control, was searched in 10 different criminal cases such as theft and fraud and he also escaped from Denizli Cezaevin 3 months ago. Halil Ibrahim Aydinli, who was also identified by parents who had been deceived after the trial, was arrested by the court.


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