Wednesday , April 8 2020
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Digital Galaxy 2018 has lost 272.7 million dollars


Michael Novogratz investment company based crypto Galaxy Digital Holding Ltd., the first year of activities the impact of the collapse of prices for digital assets lost 272.7 million dollars.

In New York, according to a statement released on Monday, the Galaxy has $ 323 million in the end of September, digital assets and investments of the company fell to $ 249.1 million at 31 December.

net loss and net loss due to an unrealized loss of $ 25.0 million arising from the investment in the company was basically 48.7 million realized in the fourth quarter.

Novogratz, issued a statement:. "I'm happy with the way our team to manage complex market dynamics from 2018 to be a difficult year for the industry, and I believe that we are well positioned to scale their business in the strategic plan for a long time," he said.

Bloomberg Index, after Galaxy Crypto Crypto passive index funds Galaxy Indicators Index Fund, beginning of 2019 saw a return of 19 per cent this year. Crypto Galaxy Bloomberg index fell 81 percent in 2018.

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