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Dilber W is who? Dilber So why did he die? Dilber Ay in life


Famous singer Dilber Ay, has spent 63 years as a result of a heart attack died. After the suffering of millions of people Dilber Ay news began to explore his life. Here Dilber Ay biography …


Dilber So, the official name of Dilber Caracas. January 1, 1956, was born in Pazardzhik Kahramanmaras district. Dilber belonging to the tribe of Quraysh months, 3 elementary schools in the province of Kahramanmaraş studied up to class. Before Kahramanmaras to Ankara with his family & # 39; it, emigrated from there Bolu-Duzce side. Düzce traffic edemeyip 13 years old when he married an older man. Before you marry have come to seek Düzce maker radio beautiful voice. Come Gonul said Edelim conversation with you, and my song was first held in a beautiful healthy competition. After a while, he split from the man she married mother of two children. After being found 24 album on the radio. He was jailed twice in Germany. A leading television program called flash made prisoners Destiny.

Dilber first known radio month, the name of Haji Agha songs announced a broad audience. "Intelingua" and starred in the film was awarded the Golden Boxes in his first role. Directed by Murat Seker "Life is beautiful you" with the & # 39 is featured in the film. In 1998, he married current husband Ibrahim Karakas. Dilber Speaking of marriage in an interview with & # 39; nd the Moon ", the first day that we love, and still in the excitement. We will come today. "He said.

Dilber Ay, spends a result of a heart attack April 29, 2019 has lost 63 years of life.

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