Erwin Koeman: Groningen Wants Me


Celal Umut Eren / Skorer Foreign News

After Phillip Cocu's departure, Erwin Koeman, who began working at Fenerbahce at the request of President Ali Koç, spoke to the Dutch press. The score of the Galatasaray derby 2-2 and a 2-0 win against Anderlecht won the attention of a 2-0 victory over Koeman, a clear future knowledge about the future, he said.

Koeman, who lives in Kalamış, told Dagblad Noorden in his special statement, I enjoyed working at Fenerbahce and how I enjoyed Everton. I don't know, what I will say is wrong, "he said.

Erwin Koeman, who was mentioned with Groningen in the Netherlands, said that they always followed him. The club is a club. My career started the club. For me, a club is important for my family, "he said.


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