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Germany speaks Turkish doctor: hope for cancer patients …


Germany, three-dimensional prototypes preparation of artificial organs with printers that have developed a technology with detailed maps of issuing authorities, as well as specially designed Ali Ertürk said Turkish doctor.

German media, Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and the Institute of Cerebral Palsy, and Dementia Research Group Director, Dr. Ali Ertürk work, wrote that there is great hope for cancer patients. In Germany alone, it is expected that more than 10 000 patients are currently around the patient's body; If more than about 7000 of them in the German press that he expects the kidneys, Turkish doctors to work "as an organ donation" and "wrote aging" in front geçilebileceğini.

neurobiology expert Dr. Ali ERTÜRK detailed maps removing organs «3D bio-printer" with the authorities of the prototype, developed by scientists in the world began to speak the German press, the work of Turkish doctors "in which workers prospects of the project for cancer patients" with a title to share with readers.

Turkish doctor says Dham was: Artificial organs on the body as TARGET FOR TRAINING There again we

saying that 15 people from 12 different countries working in the laboratory found that in the beginning, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Institute of Brain Stroke and Dementia Research Group Director Dr. Ali Ertürk, "Physics, chemistry, our team from various fields, such as engineering, we are developing new technology. The technology in both cancer research, we use artificial organs in both studies. The technologies we have developed a technology created to make detailed visualization. and resolution computed tomography is used to show how the cancer has spread in the body is actually not very high, so small that they do not show the cancer cells. It is very important to see. Cancer cells with the technology, we have developed the ability to display up one level of cells. We did it in laboratory animals. To do this, we transform these fabrics become transparent. After all the cells by laser scanning microscopes that are visible in detail after them transparent. It shows us how the cancer has spread in the body and is also used to show the effects of cancer drugs. Drugs capable of capturing cancer cells, we developed a new technology you are able to influence the individual can see. These are my last few years, we have been developing in my lab, "he said.

"WE TECHNOLOGIES, a complex structure capable of displaying up to single-level cell"

"We also specialize in the production of artificial organs next to the study of cancer. Our goal is to produce artificial organs in the body again, "said Erturk," bodies with a & # 39 are very complex, and the most urgent need for detailed maps. Imagine a skyscraper, you need an architectural plan for him. Human organs million times more complicated than in accordance with skyscrapers. We've done our technology, these complex structures can show up one level of cells. If a cell in the kidney, which can be seen in detail on vessel position, "he said.

"Our TARGET ORGANS get a few years'

"I hope that we will produce artificial human organs, in the next few years, and perhaps in a few years after the first transplant will begin its work with him.

With this appointment cards, 3D biological printers, tel Ertürk, showing that building again, "I hope the next will make artificial human organs for several years, and perhaps in a few years after the first transplant begins its work with him. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are in need of kidney and renal our goal to & # 39 is the use of it first. In addition, the pancreas for diabetics, a new heart in patients with heart disease, make a new heart muscle, organs such as the stomach to do it again, we started working on the creation of tissues, such as teeth. Our goal is to create artificial organs have everything, and I think that this is possible. This notion, seemingly imagine Previously, we transform the reality, "he said.

Research Institute Director Dr. Group Ali Ertürk, 1 Tissue Engineering at the Helmholtz Center in Neuherberg has a significant budget from July and will serve as manager of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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