How long do the side effects of Biontech vaccine last? What is the level of protection against the Biontech vaccine? Side effects of the Biontech vaccine

What are the side effects of Biontech vaccine? Who should get the Biontech vaccine? His question aroused the curiosity of the citizens. The Sinovac vaccine, developed against the coronavirus, and the Biontech vaccine continue to be used in Turkey. With the arrival of the Biontech vaccine in Turkey, the citizens who will be vaccinated will have the right to choose. So what is the effect of the biontech vaccine against coronavirus? Who should get the Biontech vaccine?

Side effects of the BIONTECH vaccine

Faculty of Medicine, Ankara University (AU) Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Ismail Balik said that currently Health Minister Fakhretin Koca offers citizens the opportunity to make one of two vaccines. He evaluated the clinical observations made at the university on both vaccines:

“According to our clinical observations, if you have an allergic body, if you prefer the mRNA vaccine, you can get the Sinovac vaccine, which is an inactive vaccine with fewer side effects in allergic organs. Because studies have shown that not only BioNTech but also other mRNA vaccines have more reactions.In addition, mRNA vaccines can be compared to inactivated vaccines.Because it has a stronger immune response than the immune system because it has a more stimulating effect on the immune system.Thus, vaccines with Weak immunity.The answer may prefer the mRNA vaccine.Those who use drugs that suppress the immune system due to various diseases may choose the BioNTech vaccine, which is an mRNA vaccine if they have options.However, it should be said that inactivated The vaccine works on them as well. MRNA vaccines begin to build up immunity a week after a single dose. 15 days after the second dose, it produces significant immunity. ” .

Fish, cancer treatment of those who completed the treatment, said their immune system would be restored: “So there is no difference between the two vaccines for these people.” said.

prof. Dr. “It seems that vaccines with MRNA are more effective for the elderly, but they are more likely to have some side effects,” Balik said. he said.

Evaluating the two vaccines in terms of their side effects, Balyk said:

“The BioNTech vaccine manifests itself more as a side effect. These symptoms, such as pain, swelling, fever and malaise at the injection site, are more common in the BioNTech vaccine, but none of them pose a danger, it protects the person from the risk of serious illness. and death.In the inactive Sinovac vaccine such side effects either do not occur or appear less.

Educational and Research Hospital of Medical Sciences, Gulhane University Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ümit Savaşçı made an assessment of DHA regarding the side effects that will occur after the vaccine. Savaschi said: “I had a vaccine against coronavirus; it could be Sinovac, BioNTech, Sputnik V. After the vaccine began a slight pain in the arm, headache, weakness, slightly more intense muscles, joint pain, nausea, fatigue, especially after BioNTech Some people may have slightly more severe symptoms after the first dose, and some after the second dose at all.Unfortunately, because the BioNTech vaccine contains the mRNA vaccine, the side effects are slightly more when the body tries to make more antibodies. know about the side effects .; 2 days, this person may also have been infected with the coronavirus, he or she will go to a health care facility, he or she will be exposed to a stressful environment. it is necessary to study the pantry well. Not every side effect of a vaccine can be a virus; But we have to question that, ”he said.

“If side effects persist for 2 days, a test should be done”

Associate Professor. Saying that it was impossible to catch the coronavirus because of the vaccine, Savashi said: “Unfortunately, the symptoms we see on the ground are our citizens who show coronavirus symptoms 3-5 days after vaccination and a positive test. So they need a good Since there is no live vaccine, there is no possibility of contracting the vaccine-related coronavirus or getting sick.If this is obvious, if you add to it the smell, loss of taste, chest pain, diarrhea table, then it is absolutely necessary to pass a PCR test.

How effective is the BIONTECH vaccine?

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNTech have announced that 95% of the protection is provided in the results of the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine.


As the world struggles with the coronavirus epidemic, vaccine research continues. In a statement, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that the final results of the last stage of the vaccine against Covid-19 showed that it is 95% effective and that they have the necessary two-month safety data. permission for emergency use in

The drugmaker said the effectiveness of the vaccine, developed with German partner BioNTech, was age-appropriate and other, and there were no significant side effects. Pfizer said this is a sign that vaccination may be widely used worldwide. It was stated that the efficacy was over 94% in adults over the age of 65 who are particularly at risk of contracting the virus. On the other hand, the statement said that the side effects of the vaccine are mostly mild and moderate and disappear quickly. The only serious side effect that affected more than 2% of those vaccinated was fatigue, which affected 3.7% of recipients after the second dose.


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