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"I can not live," they said, 7 months and healthy


The first bunch of kids and Emir Karabulut, who lived in Istanbul, were early narazhany in the Aegean Sea. One thousand 100 grams of the Aegean child born in each incubator, attached to the respiratory device, just like any premature baby. However, on the second day of the opening of the eyes to life, he suffered a brain hemorrhage. In the first week, which was the most risky, there is a rare condition. Rare inflammation was observed in the intestine of the Aegean Sea, which was associated with a respiratory device. After these oral complications of child nutrition was discontinued, and it began to feed from the navel. But after a while the intestines exploded, feeding stopped. Doctors who are already associated with the respiratory device, on the one hand, brain bleeding, on the one hand, and perforation of the intestine of the Aegean Sea was assessed as impossible life.

Specialist in health and disease in children Dr. Edge connects it to life, spending treatment. Teacher. Members of the Board. Alper Özkılıç, "As a child for a long time having a very intense complications. Due to the large number of respiratory diseases in the brain of the child's bleeding is fully identified. In this case, the child there was another complication. Sexual gut and a pediatric surgeon intervened intervention kalistamii and cavities the mouth. "

The miracle was real

"We fed the baby with the umbilical cord of the catheter. There is also a proliferation of microbes and a table, which we have developed sepsis. Umbilical catheter was removed, when the child was neither oral nor intravenous," said pediatric hospital Medicana Bahçelievler. Teacher. Members of the Board. Alper Ezkylych: "… All of us have put us in a hopeless situation at the same time the beginning of reduction of brain blood flow Child Surgery in the process of follow-up in a positive direction is obvious that a miracle the child's condition so that made us very happy," – he said.

MASHA Karabulut BOUQUET: It was a very complex process

Mother Bunch Karabulut said that the process in which they live, it is very difficult, but they do not give up: "I do not know if you can say what I feel, but I do not want anyone experienced something like that first, people nothing. not experience. Our Dr. Alper Bay said that, when we came to check, he took care of himself very well, he is very encouraged us, and they are very helpful, it is a very complicated process, it was so tiny, we could not keep it without a pillow, but thank God, we did not think about anything else than the people who come at home. "I said.

"Stability and military child"

Father Emir Karabulut very upset by this process, but on behalf of his wife's support did not specify this, saying: "And the mother herself, and you must continue to stand around a tough process, but it is always necessary to think positively in this process, I've done it from time to time.. . immediately, but quickly corrected himself, thank God, our child is now well. "- he said.

Ege child "soldier", stressing that the father Karabulut ". Stubborn and the warrior gains that have been stubborn, success was a warrior," he said.

Ege child who is in intensive care 2 and a half months, is now 7 months old and fully vyzdaravlyaetstsa.

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