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If the risk of bipolar disorder in the family & # 39; and growing 15 times


In addition, it is assumed that the birthday of bipolar disorder famous painter Vincent Van Gogh March 30 is celebrated as the World Day of bipolar. Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic-depressive disorder, mania, hypomania and depression defined as the period after output as mood disorder.

March 30 World Day of bipolar and Turkey due to the performances of 2 million patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder, in which stated that the Haliç University Department of Psychology, Psychiatry Specialist Dr. Lecturer Attila Thompson, gave information about the symptoms and treatment of disease.

Talking about the symptoms of bipolar disorder Dr. Teacher. Member Thompson, «Self-esteem increased, decreased need for sleep, the amount of energy, or to identify symptoms such as increased activity for this purpose. Unfortunately, the negative impact on daily patient functionality, and it is interpreted as a disease. Or & # 39 is the dominant spiritual lows period of depression symptoms. Inability to enjoy life, hobbies loss of interest in relation to the activity of interest, trouble sleeping and appetite, occasional suicidal thoughts, symptoms such as impaired attention and concentration have seen, "he said.

Tracking changes in the seven & # 39; pits MUST children on

bipolar Approximately 2 million in Turkey, expressing that patients with bipolar disorder diagnosis Dr. Teacher. Member Thompson, «Seven & # 39; and the need to observe the changes in the mood of children. Patients who undergo stigmatization by society for the way in functionality due to the nature of both diseases, integrated in public life, there are serious & # 39; serious problems. This means, in particular, needs seven & # 39; pits friendly and pay attention to the symptoms of the disease. In any case of the disease in these cases, being able to diagnose it becomes almost impossible to maintain people's lives mania going on in many places, "he said.

The drug should be given to the patient

Bipolar disorder in the treatment said that it is very important for the biological treatment of Thompson, "mood stabilizers, bipolar significantly reduces the risk of re-transfer of episodes in patients with bipolar disorder. We know that even the target of another attack possibility of some patients is practically impossible. Therefore, accurate diagnosis of a psychiatrist particular process and began to apply the correct treatment to be followed family. Psychiatric there are some negative stereotypes about drugs, but it is necessary to maintain accurate contact necessarily a psychiatrist for more information. formulation may be different, it may be preferable for each patient. the disease is completely cured with the right treatment can be, "he said.

The disease can cause biological or psychological

"This is known as a high genetic transmission of mental illness," said Dr. teacher. Member Thompson, «especially if you have a first degree about a bipolar diagnosis of disorders in children at risk of the disease is about 15 – we know that a 16-fold increase It is not necessary to search for a stressor for the emergence of mental disorders internal or biological factors may contribute to autonomous mental disorders .. "he said.

Adversely affect the language of the patient in social media

Social media is also not comment too much about this disease evaluating Attila Thompson, she said:

"They do have associations with important work on the awareness of mental illness. However, sometimes in social situations, actions are made to be driven out of public life for these patients, visual or written information, or we can see that the promises. Sometimes mental illness in abused series. This lack of patients in public life reflected in the obtrusive in accordance with the requirements of individuals, if they were. patients, unfortunately, a very negative impact. But, on the other hand, bipolar, that even the fact that people without the disease violations, as the people who come in and I wondered that affects and are in need of research. in terms of recognition of the disease it had a positive effect. "

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