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If you eat the best place of the Europa League!


As you know, Tahincioğlu Basketball Super League everywhere Europe«S served as the best league.

Zeljko Obradovic led Fenerbahce to live in the middle of the great success of last year Beko. It has become the most important clubs in Europe, the yellow-dark blue. We can characterize this situation Obradovic revolution. Maurizio Gherardini their management skills and perfect functioning of the organization has shown a very different model. Fenerbahce Men's basketball team from A to I have to say that was a great mechanic.

Anadolu Efes and 2 teams in the Euroleague this season with his leap management Ergin Ataman has become an important candidate for the Final Four.

Fenerbahce already subscribers positions here.

The two teams, especially the stability of the capture Fenerbahce, a lot of property there. But the village leadership does not want to & # 39; to appear. Basketball Super League, came to the middle. The team for financial reasons, many of the draws in big trouble.

Last played Sakarya BB Istanbul BBSK-Adatıp no need to explain that the emerging picture of a basketball game. However, to see this statement as we do not need these games already.

However, from the beginning of the season Eskisehir Basketball League decided to leave. Trabzonspor Basketball season, explained the situation before the start of the first week, and they also decided to close. Usak fall of the League, said that such a decision will be remembered as a sport. He has already accepted such a situation, trapped in the lower leagues.

It shows a landscape in which the European Union?

If we continue to deceive ourselves when we are the best league in Europe, let's stop talking story, do not worry. Having said this, but the problems do not stop or summer. Pieces come to an end.

If Zeljko Obradovic Go Turkish basketball Ends

I spoke to you all, but I'm not someone wrote something more clearly the voice for a moment. In 90% of the market, "Obradovic ends Turkish basketball goes." Dominant opinion. Because when you go there to think when Obradovic cut Fenerbahce investment.

Fenerbahce means to reduce their investment, advertising and sponsorship revenue fall means all automatically. It took all the values ​​of the brand at the top of the league in this case. That's why almost all in prayer to deal Obradovic. In the league, including executives who have developed some of the commands. They do not want to want to be affected by this situation.

In no case resort TÜBAD

I have more, but not more clearly and write a topic that many people are still talking. There are those who stand to benefit from Turkey's Basketball Coaches Association. It is considered to be as thick as a little far from normal business.

TÜBAD longer decline to lobby did not protect the rights of the poor and the young coach. On the contrary, the closer who gives his own way. Perhaps they will save you from this quagmire? If you continue to be so naive, even if you do not soon anyway to get rid of the swamp.

There is a concept that should be far away from us, but also in Turkey; transparency! Designed to be something behind closed doors, that the system should be provided to each account and may ask the right accounts.

Whose hand is not sure who your pocket

Turkey has been a strange situation in the country. Club requests the President (which he also had a job club president) himself very honestly determine the person (they take corners instructions) Fenerbahce Women's Basketball Coach track Valerie Garnier.

They criticize, they shock you know. Garnier, nor the French, though, do not read it, they will do what is read; No state will not call to keep!

Arbitral institutions should be the most transparent institution. One of the people in the institutions relatives living work manager matters. so there is nothing to say, especially if you are the end of the season, even karıştırırz golden carpet.

Kemal Erdem with & # 39 is

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