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"I'm so happy to continue to evaluate the 1"


Barber against Trabzonspor in the 90 + 6 Fenerbahce coach who saved people ardn Ersun Lateral minutes from the locker room and the actors entered the locker odasnn I expected. Kapdan input of each player's hand, the struggle of good morale that skarak side, everyone wanted to wait for their place.

News Sercan Hamzaolu SZCR of newspapers in the sandstone; Players in the "Please pray for him to go after do not have a theme. After Golden happy feeling tying Yaadein. I am in the order of priority teeka Today all. Fighting and losing I altnz. Man is closely Matt played in our stnlmz. Means loss Alanyaspor played football kt shoulders today there are thousands of supporters 40/45 to support us. I SYLE you cancel arrow What ayrarak this, I continued on my way with the player will be happy to score one. But if you or SZL bit and the players will be defeated continued SZL even impossible for us to accept it. 1 Now I brie allowed planly car & # 39; a career, but I GNA 2. Geirr ocuklarnzl time with family & # 39;. It 'used their sex.

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