Thursday , April 2 2020
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Kerimcan Durmazlar case in Adana …


After a sexual nature during the day we left Instagram account shared video Kerimcan Durmaz, said it was not his critics, and said that he found this video of a criminal case. However, after claiming that his follower image name Durmaz Durmaz began to open for Kerimcan case. Durmazlar lawsuit came to Adana.

Kerimcan Durmaz, Instagram account from the day we passed, attracted a great response to the alleged sharing sexually explicit images in the toilet of the aircraft is traveling. After a while, does not stop to wash the action, making the share again, "do not belong to you contain inappropriate content for video with my lawyer asking for inadvertently and unintentionally divided, I apologize to all for sharing this" send a message.

av.hak in Tamgüç, Instagram claimed that the phenomenon of social media accounts with obscene video hosting and DJ Kerimcan found the criminal case continues. Tamgüç, Adana public prosecutor referring to the millions of followers with "movements hayâsızca» Kerimcan Durmaz, «sexual harassment" and wanted to punish him for other crimes are detected.

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