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Minister of Husband: We started to map Turkish food


Health Minister Fahrettin husband, 15 years of age reveal the food "Nutrition Map of Turkey," adding that reached the final in the mud associated with the work, "as a result of the analysis will be on our front desk, which will give us a reason such as being overweight as a deficit nutrients. Folic acid, iron, vitamin D deficiencies, such as anemia, according to research results will shape our roadmap, "he said.

Her husband spent in the ministry "National Nutrition Council" in his speech at the opening of the Council regulation, published in the Official Gazette in February, and said that the creation of the first meeting held today.

Her husband said that infectious diseases before the most important health concern, "Microbiological factors and loss of life through the creation of a major outbreak, the loss of health manpower to deal with diseases that result in loss was the biggest problem for the solution of systems of protection health. Improvement of sanitary conditions in the fight against the disease with vaccines continue without a break there, especially bacterial disease with the widespread use of antibiotics have gone from being suras & # 39; oznay problem, "he said.

"3 Every smooth adults in Turkey"

Her husband, faced with non-communicable diseases as the most important public health problem in developed countries, noting that over the health conditions of the system load, it was stressed that the problem should be solved.

Diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and cancer, "chronic disease" called stated that her husband, "This disease was discovered an important connection with many of the diet. Excessive calorie diets result of the growing obesity with & # 39 is the cause of many diseases. Obesity in developed and developing countries is becoming a growing problem in our country, as well as in most of them. in our country, one of every three adults are obese, who is overweight. "Common knowledge.

The World Health Organization (WHO), and they work in collaboration, "Active Life Program of Turkey Healthy Eating and" carried out expressing her husband, in this context, the prohibition of the sale of the suspect food to health benefits in the school canteen, the creation of school nutrition people power the logo "School food" program location, including a ban on this type of diet on the & # 39; ads aimed at children, he said that they are conducting research aimed at young ages to get healthy habits in food.

Minister of health of her husband, ready to reduce the salt content in food, the food sold in restaurants and bakeries will spread salt and society as a whole to reduce the sugar content also reminded that action.

Her husband, also through family doctors to make screening for the risk of chronic diseases in health centers of life, he said, the administration provides support and guidance in this regard.


Husband of the Minister of Health, the power that the interests of Turkey, sitemap, "the study phase is over, we come to the end of the preparation of the report. In the coming days we will share with the public the results of this important study. "He said.

Research is ongoing for 6 months, and that the definition 15+ eating habits of citizens in Turkey's husband, in this connection, all the 81 provinces of the sample determined by the TSI, hungry at the invitation of the study participants, family doctors, they give blood to the stomach and received the blood of the people's health is analyzed in the laboratory, it was adopted.

The level of blood sugar, oil, vitamins, which we look at the value, measurement of height and weight also said that her husband had shared the following information:

"We examined how they fasted for 24 hours and interrogated. The survey was repeated on the phone after 15 days. 6 months to several years of research completely Ministry of doctors, nurses, and dietitians went. What products are in what quantities, how often they consumed, how much protein, carbohydrate is taken to analyze all the data. will be in front of us as a result of the analysis of the table, which will give us a reason such as being overweight as a nutritional deficiency. acids, iron, vitamin D, folic deficiency, we define our roadmap in accordance with the results, such as anemia. we will share with the public the results of the two studies, as well as the formation of the data base of our Ministry of Agriculture "fortification" will offer. "

"Women with obesity is still high"

Husband, food map of Turkey in a very large scale, stressing that research, this study they want a repetition of 3 years, at the end of the road map to a healthy diet and adopting a healthy lifestyle of the report will be introduced.

Some of the results arising from the research ministers, who shared her husband, adult-year period in the last 7 Referring to the increase of obesity in women and 41 percent remained stable, he said.

In men, the continuing growth, the husband said that up to 26 percent from 20 percent, "we still have a high prevalence of diabetes. Nevertheless, the growth rate stopped or less decreased compared with 2010, even though, by 13.5 percent, while 13.7 percent & # 39; Fallen. we looked at the relationship of physical activity in this study. 10 years fixed population, our rate was 56 per cent, we have already reduced to 42.4 percent now. This situation is welcome, but still a significant part of the population, "he said.

Her husband, saying that they are also aimed at reducing the excessive salt and sugar intake, 10.5-per-cent of those who add salt without tasting the food study, regardless of the taste of food, sometimes 13.4 percent share of those who add salt, while the proportion of those who add salt without tasting food numbered 76.1 percent, he said, that is.

According to the results from Turkey's power card, with 72.1 percent of white bread is still the most widely consumed varieties of bread, said that her husband, "Full grain bread, rye bread, the healthier varieties such as whole wheat bread remained at 15 percent. We whole-grain bread I would highly recommend. in YUFKA as home unleavened bread daily consumption rate is 9.4 percent. full report in detail in the coming days and will share with the public our press that, "he said.

"Unauthentic Explanation will be discussed in the Council"

The National Nutrition Council stressed that this issue Hubby continued important tasks fall as follows :. "Healthy eating deyince, unfortunately, many Cephalopods many audio miles per hour television channels, newspapers, magazines, social media to wear the title of expert in their various sub & # 39 objects that are directly involved in the issue is not competence questioned people can make a statement, miracle diet recommends that, when removing food in the sky, can be considered as another food poison, which was almost as unfounded.

Every summer, the correct program miraculous diet served, recommends seaweed, another gunpowder factory not sığdırıla earth to heaven. Similarly, direct discussion on these issues, based on scientific data in order to create a broad participation in the coordination of the Ministry of Health of opinion "We have established the rules published by the National Nutrition Council."

9 ministries in the Council, 7 non-governmental organizations, her husband explained what was going on Higher Education and representatives of RTÜK, the elimination of information pollution on the advice handed power, spread across the country a healthy food culture, said that food safety and focused on policy development chronic disease.

Husband of Ministers, the Council of the required power, food and beverages can create scientific issues related to the Commission and make decisions in accordance with the scientific advice, the report said.

False and misleading advertising, and press release also stated that the purpose of her husband appealed to the Council on the development of policies, the private sector may also be invited if you want to transfer to the National Nutrition Council.

– Health Minister Fahrettin Husband

– "more than 15 people who put their usual diet" Nutrition Map of Turkey "We remove the research phase is over, we come to the end of the preparation of the report."
– "As a result of the analysis will be on our front desk, which will give us a reason such as being overweight as a deficiency of folic acid nutrients, iron, vitamin D deficiencies, we will define our roadmap in accordance with the results, such as anemia .."
– "Every summer to be a true miracle diet program is supplied sap recommends other plant powder is sığdırıla earth to heaven Just to give direction to the discussion of these issues, the scientific evidence on the basis that the Ministry of Health to create a view of a wide participation in the coordination, we have established the National Council nutrition. "

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