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Mustafa Cengiz mes Nobody Tests Us and Our Fans Mustafa


President Galatasaray Mustafa Cengiz, Germany made a statement before the trip. Underlining that the incident was strongly encouraged, Cengiz invited the disciplinary committee to be fair.
Champions League battles ahead of Germany to Galatasaray Mustafa Cengiz Chairman, found at the airport. Cengiz said that fans were waiting for clarification, ı Both of our second presidents, our technical directors, and the board of directors of our friends without getting any speed from social media made a statement. But the biggest reason I explained to you at this hour, the Schalke match, is concentration. Both Galatasaray have a situation concerning the future both in terms of representation in Turkey. For this situation, please don't stay in the past. Let's focus on the Schalke match and Champions League representatives. Galatasaray and our club's release depends on their prestige and income to be champions and represented in the international arena. We consider this important for the value of our brand. Let's not disturb concentration. Our supporters do not forget the injustices committed but they should not be trapped with hatred and hatred. They must keep their hatred and hatred hidden, but not trapped, Nef said.

Tad Everyone has a taste when they hear the news "
The death of Fenerbahce supporter Koray Sener was very upset when he heard the news Mustafa Cengiz said, this match was with his beloved president Ali Koç & # 39; he watched Fenerbahce's benches look empty. I asked him why, and the message came, o the stands went to the hospital. A friend died, my taste was also missed, and the feeling of the game was gone. There is no match, there is no advantage that is more valuable than friendly. I want to take this opportunity for my brother's brother, who lost their lives in Erzurum Erzurum and Burhanettin expressed his condolences to my brother, I hope for his family's patience, "he said.

La One that carries water with the breaker should not be stored "
Said that they had a very valuable derby match, said Cengiz, the fans returned to see it; Regardless of the situation, points and rank, we have a very valuable opponent. I hope the 2-0 score will reach 7-0, and psycho 6-0 will be broken. But from 2-0 it was 2-2 and resistance was shown. The referee showed poor management of Galatasaray in general. When we see open positions, we believe we have been harmed. Unfortunately, the same referee did not see a lump that lasted for 1 minute. If he sees it and intervenes, nothing will happen at the end of the match. Whoever the fire is, who is the Spanish brother. Our Brazilian brother throws dynamite into the fire. We ask that the disciplinary committee that tries to calm the fire should not hold it back. In discipline and arbitration, there are almost 25 members, only 1 is a supporter of our team and 24 are supporters of the rival team. I heard nothing from him. A burning mentality, which throws dynamite and makes those who try to prevent it will never be able to give real punishment. You should not store the tester and the person carrying water. I do not say this as a threat. We can have a team, but justice is always needed. I believe that disciplinary committees and valuable lawyers will apply these objective criteria.

"They don't know the character of the explosion from Turkey"
Referee Fırat Aydınus said that he made the same mistake on top of each other. E All comments are against us. Football commentators say Muslera's move was a penalty. For me, the cannon came out and had to hit Musler. In addition, our soccer players in the penalty area in the penalty area according to me were penalty penalties, but here even VAR did not leave. Conversations between VAR and referees are not reflected in us, but they need to be reflected. We don't know whether VAR warns or has never been warned. In my opinion, the position, which is clearly a penalty, was not even checked by Bana. Cengiz Overseas says players must know Turkey, "foreign players must know that. They don't know the character of the Turkish explosion. Our country is one of the biggest problems in geography and the only place we will run out of soccer fields. I believe Fenerbahce's management warned, I thought it was a good thing, there were 50,000 people there, no one believed our calm and tested the patience of us and our audience, I was afraid that someday there would be an unwanted incident, I don't want to. threat: There was a mass incident on the opponent's field, which we did not like. What happened to the audience, what happened to the manager, was a problem in the match. 2 foreign passports, people who did not know the Turkish character fired the event. the hallway, no one illegally violates the law has never happened and will not happen. I do not believe that the 2nd President gives per statement about this Ben.

"If the referee sends 2 cards to a stranger, there will be no event"
Mustafa Cengiz added that they made their own assessment of the situation, ek There are words in the fight not counted as fists. See our coach, the second president fainted even though he fainted. Even the people who died Fenerbahce did not even know, V I did not love the dead, they were deliberately made. Do not force your opponent to overcome pain, do not make premiums exceed pain. We really share the pain. We are evaluating everything. All current finance, administrative problems are evaluated, he said. Cengiz added that he admitted that Hasan was badly damaged. Ti He admitted that he was wrong. South Karatas character, Turkish character is this situation. Foreigners may not play with him. You are not a guerrilla. This is embarrassing. Sports ethics, ethics are not appropriate. First of all, the referee will not have a case if he shows 2 foreign players with a 1 minute stretch. We don't want the most important derby in the world to be spoiled this way. We don't like advanced referees. In this difficult situation the country has experienced, while perception management is being carried out, I do not want to deteriorate concentration. If you are happy because the punishment is given to your opponent and the fact that your opponent is in a difficult situation, you have a lack of shelves.

"Punishment must be the same as evil"
Cengiz replied that he was on the side of justice. We believe that disciplinary committees will make fair decisions and bring incentives to the forefront. It must be the same as crime. The driving element is very important. We focus on this issue and plan to hold a press conference. I say my opinion about Fırat Aydınus. I think we have referees from FIFA's list for the past 5 years. We want MHK to give way to these reference givers. The referee can give the wrong crown, the wrong crown. We should not call it intention. Football is played on the field, when the ball enters the game you have to fight death. That's what I say. But it hurts that since the beginning of the VAR, no mistakes have been made to our advantage. When Besiktas reacted, I told him, if someone shouted somewhere, we had to stop and listen. The same thing can happen to you. There is this in the human realm. There are more messages than parties. I don't know how accurate it is to say this, but your position and glory always prevents you from saying everything. You have to be calm sometimes. As Cenap Shehabettin said, don't be simple in this country, they think it's real. Thank you, please, when you say they think you are soft, weak. I laugh at this kind of evaluation. We are champions and continue the journey to UEFA. Thank God, we thank you biliy. Finally Cengiz said that the Fenerbahce Administration thanked them and said, Engiz We are with all the board directors and presidents. Fenerbahce Management I know some names very closely. Everyone tries to serve the community. As long as there is good intentions, we cannot relate and lose contact. İyi

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