Tuesday , May 11 2021

Revolution in medicine! Turkish scientists seen

He is a graduate of Bilkent University. Ali Ertürk presented his work & # 39; DISCO Transparency ında at the) Meeting of the Association of Neurologists in San Diego, USA. Great sound technology was published in many science journals, especially in the journal Nature. He is the group leader of the Paralysis and Dementia Research Institute in LMU. Ali Ertürk described the anatomical secrets of how cells interact with each other by making the bodies of dead mice completely transparent by developing methods to help treat damaging diseases such as dementia, paralysis, sugar and cancer. With this method, it is stated that living things react to a better injury or disease and the treatment path will be opened.

Dr. Ali Ertürk stated as follows: Diseases such as cancer have been identified and investigated in thin sections under a microscope but they may lose important details. Our technology allows us to see the entire sample as a whole and to determine internal abnormalities that are not partitioned. We do this by making it transparent like turning milk into water. Even though most neurological diseases really affect the whole body, so far brain scientists have only focused on damaged brain regions


Dr. Ali Ertürk: Using our transparency technology, we can examine larger images, that is, how paralyzed lesions or Alzheimer's disease affect the entire body of neurons, helping us find unknown channels that carry cells and molecules between the skull and the brain. We make the entire human brain transparent in the laboratory. In this way, one part of the mapping of the human brain will take place in several years. In 25 years you will also be able to treat all diseases.


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