Monday , April 12 2021

Seyma Subasi & # 39; Ilıcalı He raised his name

Acer entered the dünyaev last year in France and yesterday Seyma Bywater Ilıcalı divorced single session in the Silivri courthouse.

Seyma Subasi, after 8 minutes of divorce, the total cell Photo taken from the accounts of social media, but do not remove the name Ilıcalı.

Seyma Bywater raised his surname Ilıcalı

Delete recent ILICALI

Evening Seyma Subasi, located in Instagram profile Ilıcalı raised his name.

Subasi, and Ilıcalı name, located in the profile mother Melissa (Melissa mum), phrases such as Istanbul Miami, also raised.

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Why so late to pick her name was the subject of curiosity.

Seyma Bywater also removed from the social media accounts of the photos taken with the Acer Ilıcalı.

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