Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Statistics on Steam Announced


Known gaming platform on the statistics of the steam valve members have been announced. According to the report, with the & # 39 were the exact amount of steam accounts worldwide 1 billion.

Known gaming platform has unearthed some reports on Steam. If we look at the number of accounts in this report Steamer 1 billion that have been created so far. It is estimated every 7 people is one of the world through Steam.

Of course, this number has been removed from the server to the accounts, set the fraudulent accounts and boats. In addition, especially in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive banned the game and be able to say again that the field cheater accounts. However, this is not a small amount, regardless of the number of members in the pair. Also, an increase can be seen in the current number of active users. The amount of the previously announced 67 million active users grew to 90 million cases in a short time. The most important factor in this case China. Steam's popularity continues to grow rapidly in China, and this can be explained as a net increase occurred in the number of active users.

Steam platform has been prohibited period in the country. Then, access and re-opening of the tournament, which will take place in China, it was useful for Steam. However, it turned out, 87.5 percent of Chinese users of Steam using your standard method of payment. The reason for this transaction fees received.

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