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The awful truth! Mother and father killed


According to information received, Bağlarbaşı crystal quarter of 14-year-old daughter a few & # 39; and, living in the streets, a company in the private security services, working as a private parents of the Conquest, when he woke up in the morning. (49) Ö with the wishes of his mother (41) saw motionless in bed.

The neighbors of the girl and imagine the scene after his father's colleagues were transferred to the police and medical teams.

In its review, the team he was determined to lose the life of the couple.

Teams Provincial Security Department Homicide Bureau of Public Security, the son of a pair Birkan Ö (20), while he was sleeping sister 2 and 14 years, found that discuss that killed her mother and father with a gun.


Near security camera recording and viewing MOBESE police, the plate was used by the tracking system determines the vehicle PM Birkan Daryzh region Quarter Blessing Church Street is located in a wooded area.

The top search suspected contained in the relevant area, presumably to be used in the case of unlicensed gun were removed.

The suspects were referred to the court after the police department operations, he was arrested by the court removed.

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