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The greatest danger! This can be seen in one out of every seven children in Turkey


by AID Allergy Study Group, to bring attention to asthma in children, "Breathe in, breathe out" with the slogan of children suffering from asthma and planting activity was held at the Ataturk Forest Farm with caregivers.

After the activities of the Association President Prof. Dr. Bülent Şekerel and members of the association, gave information about the disease and the treatment of asthma.

Noting that an estimated 300 million people with asthma in the world Şekerel, «In our country, every 12-13 adults and 7-8 children from an asthma patient. That grow over the years, the disease is asthma. It is therefore important to create awareness on this issue. "He said.

"The use of drugs for the treatment of severe asthma law"

AID Allergy Study Group Chairman Prof. Dr. Sevim Bavbek also noted that not all severe asthma. Bavbek, «mild asthma symptoms given the requirement of violence and drug treatment of moderate to severe asthma are divided into three groups. There are no severe asthma Every asthmatic patients. However, adherence to treatment, which can not properly use the methods of medicine, comorbidity, treatment of asthma disease in patients with bronchial asthma, which is a & # 39 is serious enough & # 39;. Oznay "Information has been received.

Professor Dr. Bavbek in individuals with a genetic predisposition to asthma, air pollution that causes asthma attacks in people with asthma, and the initiation and progression of the disease, he said.

Bavbek, he said:

"The city as a social counter this negative pattern creates air pollution, promotion of coal used and the use of natural gas, to take measures against the traffic, the environment increase the green area, between the public transport in the distribution and internal environment will be able to not actively implement the rules do not smoke."

"Effective asthma Birthday"

Professor gives information about the risk factors for asthma. Dr. Ersoy Civelek also focus on the mother or father increases the likelihood of developing asthma in children asthma or allergic rhinitis, "Only the mother or father of allergic diseases in children with nearly 30 percent of the development of allergic diseases, and maternal and paternal allergic disease in children with nearly 70 percent of allergic disease is treated. "Common knowledge.

Smoking, take control of the development of asthma and asthma after failing the most important underline that one of the problems CİVELEK, «lung development in the womb is exposed to cigarette child smoke less than those exposed to cigarette smoke and the child in the future development of asthma risk in 3 -4 times. Asthma people who are exposed to cigarette smoke or an inflammatory condition in the airways themselves increase chemicals are released into the more they smoke. "He said.

delivery type Civelek Voicing thought to participate in the development of asthma, said:

"Children born in the cesarean birth canal mother due to the impact of beneficial microorganisms that develop in the desired shape of the intestinal microbial growth in these infants and is believed to prepare the susceptibility to asthma in this case. Therefore, if as much as possible no medical necessity should not choose normal birth. Cesarean birth is particularly allergic diseases it is disclosed to have an effect on. "

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