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Turkish Gendarmerie "Smoke" addition (15 thousand jobs have been tested)


Gendarmerie General Command, hostels for public safety in general in the field of security and public order, crime prevention, tobacco, as well as to prevent the smuggling of tobacco products, as well as the general procedure for the protection of health of the 16 thousand employees, with the participation of 150 tobacco and dogs drugs " Turkey think "application has been implemented.

In practice, it is the responsibility of the gendarmerie, illegal or contrary to the laws of tobacco and tobacco products were assessed his liquor store sale, kiosks, grocery stores and so on. It controls about 15 thousand jobs have been operating under the names.

When applied so overloaded, 2 tysyachi counterfeit cigarette packs 475, 52 394 thousand stuffed Sleeving, 63 400 thousand hollow Sleeving, 262 grams of 429 kilograms of the roll of tobacco cut, 1 kilogram of marijuana, 10 drug tablets were withdrawn 10 kilograms of smuggled tea and 852 forged excise brands

Controls, was arrested 480 people wanted for various crimes, was detained 30 people who were transferred to judicial organs.

Rights of legal and administrative procedures, a total of 424 thousand 526 pounds to 49 118 people used to work with administrative fines.

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