Tuesday , August 3 2021

We heard from Yerkoy diabetics

Farhad Martyrs Gökdemir Professional and Technical Anatolian High School teachers and students, to adjust the dose of insulin that sugar for use in everyday life, insulin patients Editing device "have been developed. The device is "Education and Innovation in Teaching Awards» prize in a competition organized within the Ministry and was awarded the regional award.
To use the device to make life easier for diabetics to install first the doctor ordered to enter a value and personal information of patients of patients will enter the level of sugar in its dimensions, and then to the device and the dose of insulin required for insertion of the needle, automatically adjusting the device. Thus, patients will be protected from the risk of improper loading dose and will be alerted in the volatile situations occur.
The project to implement a martyr FERHAT Gökdemir professional lecturer at the Technische Hochschule Sula gold, sugar, giving information about the project make life easier for patients, he said.
"Insulin Editing device, diabetes, insulin dose used magazines on a device that automatically adjusts. We set the personal data of persons, especially those devices. Weight hemoglobin A1 C value, and the doctors are able to save and set the recommended value. After the glucose level of the person, as measured by the needle device to input and capture necessary to introduce the dose of insulin automatically adjusts and installing needle "
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He said that the new diabetes-specific and can be difficult to adjust the dose of the old gold Sula, "the adjustment of insulin dose suras & # 39; serious calculations. A condition that requires continuous arithmetic operations. From time to time may occur for any errors arising from head density. Wrong, because the needle indicators in our elderly population is very small because dosage adjustment situations can occur. it can lead to serious & # 39; oznyh health problems. We have developed a system in which it can feel self-confident person. We create a device with a big price tag. We checked with the Arduino microcontroller. We got a basis for the use of artificial intelligence. device & # 39 is 150-200 pounds I stand money. Of course, we do our prototype, with & # 39; was a more powerful machine, but less can be converted into an unpleasant mass production can be performed in a handheld device. it will facilitate the lives of people, and to stop the use of the device can be converted to feel confident. In situations that can be dangerous, we have to define the upper and lower limits of the device does not install the device and alert the doctor. Diabetics do not see that we have not developed this device is no longer a nightmare, "he said.

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