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What are the restrictions of choice? March 31, 2019 local elections Player


What are the restrictions of choice? citizens of the questions had a great curiosity. March 31 local elections the ban began last night at 18.00 with a nominal. For more information about the prohibition issued by the Supreme Election Board announced. So, how much alcohol ban will last until election day, an hour? Here all the details about the local election ban March 31 …

We choose not allowed?

Council Supreme Election (YSK) will be held on Sunday, March 31, 2019 local authorities have established that the freedom of propaganda and electoral ban began yesterday in the general election.

According to the YSK the elections calendar, propaganda, freedom ended March 30, Saturday at 18.00.

on public roads during the elections, in the temples, which took place outside of the board of election districts with buildings and structures will be banned in public services are treated as a collective verbal propaganda. in public places, at the end of the second call, the audience before sunrise among prohibits making verbal propaganda.

Citizens will be sent by e-mail with portable or fixed phone to voice mail messages, it can not be done by sending a propaganda video or a text message. Nevertheless, the political parties and their friends always audible, visual or written messages that can be sent.

writing within 10 days before voting day, oral, and visual media and means of publications and public opinion polls, surveys, evaluations, information and telephone communication via a mini-referendum with names such as a political party or candidate for or against or citizens the publication in a way that affects the game and it will be forbidden to distribute any copy. Publications should be made outside of this time, impartiality, should be in accordance with the principles of truthfulness and accuracy. When publishing public opinion and survey research, which was undertaken by research organizations, the number of items that will need to be disclosed, who funded the study.

These rules & # 39 are the Attorney General of the Republic in case of violation of the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTÜK), Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), to be notified of the Association of access providers.

prohibit ceremony

vote since the start of campaigning for the period until the day following the day, state supplementary budget administrations, special provincial administrations, municipalities and their affiliated apartments and institutions, state economic enterprises and other organizations, and the Banking Act of institutions and partnerships set up " s taxpayers who belong to so that business and services from sources (including discovery and innovation) to adjust ceremony, said the speech, speech and data are all kinds of them will be declared prohibited resulting in broadcasting.

public interest organizations concerned with associations and foundations can not be found in the initiative of the voters, which could affect the game.

Official vehicles for service can not be used

MPs and ministers about the trips made in the same period of the election campaign in the domestic service car, and they can not be recovered by the official service. Outages should be made for this purpose, and can not satisfy the requirement that the protocol can not be made official ceremonies and banquets.

Nha distributed gifts and giveaway

Participation in elections, political parties and the candidates admission as brochures, flyers, party flags, posters, CD with banners or sound and images, such as a DVD, will be freed from all kinds of spread broadcast, people will distribute this publication or material will be at least 18 years of age. However, political parties and candidates can not distribute any other than those specified gifts and souvenir materials, too dağıttır them through third persons or institutions and organizations.

Speakers may be propaganda

Provided that the period of propaganda in public places, to eventually breach of public peace and relaxed from the start date, the promotion can not be accepted until the end of the sun setting in the following for the second time one who speaks. However, the name of another political party or independent candidates in open or closed venue with the times, these meetings will be heard from the ground and the building is done and can not be done in such a way as to make these meetings propaganda speakers.

Electoral Office can not remain open until 23:00

political parties and independent candidates participating in the elections, the elections to carry out election work could lead to the election environment in which they occur. Tents, caravans, mobile or stationary awnings, tractor trailer, bus and truck continues a permanent place of business can not be used for commercial activities such places as the electoral bureau.

Political parties and candidates in the operating time of the elections, open to the public from 9:00 to 23:00 activity can be found. Without prejudice to any other election activities in election propaganda bureau can be done, but to make video and voice broadcasting voice in the election office will implement the provisions of the law relating to environmental noise.

on the & # 39; waking and promotional material will be removed from the electoral office before 18:00 hours on March 30, the activities of the electoral headquarters will be completed at this date and time.

Alcohol PROHIBITION ON ELECTION DAY continues until time Kacar?

election day from 06:00 hours until 24:00 hours of the night, no matter to how the sale of alcoholic drinks, local drinks, and in public places, to be provided with all kinds of alcoholic drinks and smoking is prohibited. During the voting cafes, coffee shops, and will be closed all public entertainment places such as Internet cafes, entertainment venues can be provided separately to eat in restaurants in nature.


During the voting cafes, coffee shops and all places of public entertainment are closed, such as Internet cafes. Fun place to eat alone in restaurants may be given in nature.

since 0700 in the process of voting abroad in the eastern part of the March 31 elections will end at 16:00. In the province in the west, the voting process begins at 08.00, it will end at 17.00.

So on election day; Cafe, Coffeehouse, and an internet cafe in the eastern provinces of hours from 07:00 to 16:00 between the western provinces of 08.00 – 17.00 will be closed.

Also on election day morning at 06: 00 pm on the night of 24: 00 and will be sold to the alcoholic beverages will be served. Fun place to eat alone in restaurants may be given in nature. alcohol sales and service will be disabled until 24.00 am.

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