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What is an herb yogurt? | What are the benefits of yogurt weeds?

Other names; It takes grass, shepherd strainer wall basil, goose grass and weeds known as sticky yogurt herb has many benefits for human health. Especially yogurt herbs say come good and goiter, which is a & # 39 is the source of medicinal plants of the three types. These species have different places and different soil characteristics and benefits, despite the growth. In addition, yogurt, herbal tea, which is a & # 39 is the subject of curiosity and research in the last few days. So what is a herb yogurt? What are the benefits of yogurt weeds? How to use herbs yogurt?

What is an herb yogurt?

Yogurt cereals, has three varieties. As a general rule, three types have the same medicinal properties as well. But to get to this place and in this way, which are separated from each other.

Yogurt herbs: It grows to 60 cm in high places, and can be sorted. Grows upright and
There is a golden-yellow flowers. Honey has a smell like.

Grass Glue: This type of yogurt herb found in fields and meadows. 120 cm can be sorted. There hook small thorns on the stem. Relatively climbers with & # 39 is its genus and has small white flowers.

Goose grass, shepherd strainer: It grows in bushes and on roadsides. Since the plant during flowering right lies. There are yellow or white flowers.

What are the benefits of yogurt weeds?

– toxins accumulated in liver membranes are effective in cleaning. This removes the toxins from the body through the urinary tract.

– Yogurt with grass & # 39 is one of the nutrients that are effective against hormone lymph. Irregular growing thyroid gland is used when editing. Research will create almost protect the body from lymphatic cancer.

– the elimination of iron deficiency in the blood by increasing the blood-forming cells. It also reduces the risk of edema by regulating platelet cells in the blood.

– The immune system is used as a natural remedy in relieving the wounds inside the mouth often encounter people who are & # 39 are weak. Rinses, and also considering adding reduction of halitosis, oral infections cells.

– tea yogurt preventing platelet cells, but also compensating for swelling eliminates the pain in his legs and arms. for back and neck pain it can be done at home, when the grass yogurt cream. this plant in a short time, which shows the effect of the analgesic effect.

– trouble sleeping good tea from this deformed nerve cells reduces the risk of mental illness by reducing the number of cells.

– yoghurt grass, which is effective for skin disease with & # 39 is especially effective in facilitating natural medicine diseases such as boils.

– Experts stress that effects such as surface tension of water obtained from these plants.

How to use herbs yogurt?

– the preparation of yogurt honey tea, lemon flavor or used.

– After cooling yogurt tea is used in washing the face. It was noted that in studies to reduce blemishes and wrinkles.

How to make yogurt herbal tea?

Boil one tablespoon of fresh herb yogurt and yogurt, boiled for 10 minutes
Strain the herbs to brew.

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