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What is fatty liver? What causes fatty liver?


Fatty liver with & # 39 is a condition that describes the accumulation of fat in the liver. usually covered with a small amount of fat in the liver. However, this situation causes health problems to him.

Liver with & # 39 is a body that can repairs itself

If the liver is damaged, it has the ability to regenerate cells. But this, of course, irreversible damage to the liver with the & # 39 is a recurring problem. Abrupt changes in diet, physical activity changes, weight loss can lead to conditions such as fatty liver. no symptoms of liver fat can not be considered unless it is of the & # 39 is very advanced.

fatigue and discomfort feeling in the stomach may indicate an advanced hepatic steatosis. This question, however, the liver can grow a little, it may find a physician examination.

What are the symptoms of inflammation of the liver?

some of the symptoms found in inflammation of the liver. These symptoms are sometimes confused with other diseases. In any case, always consult with a doctor visit is recommended.

– Sudden loss of appetite. Magadan request Dining

– Sudden and unusual weight loss

– Abdominal pain

– Weakness or feel tired

Other symptoms of symptoms, such as inflammation of the liver.

What are the symptoms of advanced fatty liver?

The initial level of the last and best of fatty liver, the symptoms observed in patients with cirrhosis or hepatic insufficiency different starters.

– Expansion and fluid-filled abdomen

– yellowing of the skin and eyes inside

– memory loss and confusion

The most obvious and the most experienced in the new inner skin and eyes of these symptoms are known as jaundice. Faced with this question must go to the doctor.

What causes fatty liver?

the most common known cause of fatty liver with the & # 39 is more alcohol. Excess fatty liver in people who drink alcohol less. Fatty liver happens when the body produces too much oil. Excess weight, use more sugar, low levels of physical activity, and genetic factors also play an important role in fatty liver.

How is it treated?

studies for drugs to be used for the treatment of fatty liver is still ongoing. The main goal of treatment with & # 39; is to reduce the risk factors for this disease. These risk factors are listed below,

– to control blood sugar

– Get rid of excess weight, to achieve an ideal body weight

– Keeping cholesterol under control and reduce the amount of saturated fat

– reduction of fat and sweet food, or fatty liver at the early stage can be improved by not consuming. Treatment of this disease with & # 39 is the golden rule of healthy eating can be a lengthy process.

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