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What is good for diarrhea? As diarrhea and that the cuts?


Today, doctors are one of the most frequent problems faced. This discomfort decision at home subscribers of "what is good for diarrhea," seeks to answer this question. With good nutrients from diarrhea can spend some time on this issue. If it were not for a long time, you should consult a specialist doctor. For diarrhea caused by food poisoning, you should also be sure to go to the doctor. So what is good for diarrhea, diarrhea and how what passes cuts?

symptoms of diarrhea

  • Water or runny chair
  • Urinary urgency and defecation it,
  • Constant desire to go to the toilet,
  • thirst
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Fever, malaise,
  • gas and abdominal pain

Diarrhea that a good income?

Diarrhea is the most important factor to the & # 39 is to eliminate the loss of the water content in the body. Output of water excreted in the stool with a & # 39 is very important. Diarrhea most important foods that we eat. consumption of food, fiber, and fiber cuts diarrhea would be useful to study the regulation of the intestinal system. Carrots, bananas, peeled apples, rice porridge or rice water, boiled or mashed potatoes, yogurt and buttermilk in a person's home and diarrhea with & # 39 are the main food efficiently.

Mineral water, carbonated water, also known among the locals as diarrhea lemon mixture with the Turkish coffee is also good things come. Dark tea, peach, nettle leaves rose or chestnut leaves are also good from the method.

MUST remain unaffected by these food

Diarrhea is continuing discomfort and pain spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, should refrain from food and dairy products are high in fiber.

Economy and International Economic

The water content in the body of electrolyte balance must be protected as necessary. For each type of diarrhea, and even that is a & # 39 is the most suitable for the treatment of dysentery. drink plenty of water and electrolyte balance may lead to electrolyte imbalances, it is fatal in rare cases (water intoxication).

1. Regular, frequent and small meals should be & # 39; edeny as food. You should not eat or drink too fast.

2. Sometimes, especially in children, dehydration can be life threatening and must be fluid intravenously data.

3. The oral rehydration therapy: oral will be in the form of salt or sugar solution.

4. opioids: Infection, and should not be opioid-induced diarrhea for derivatives, since they increase the duration of the disease and increase the risk of the carrier.

Opioid drugs with & # 39 are the most effective diarrhea. The main mechanism of action with the & # 39 is the inhibition of peristalsis. Loperamide (Imodium also known as) with 39 & # is the most common diarrhea medication taken.

5. Antibiotics: If the bacterial cause is suspected, and the patient from a medical point of view, the patient may need to use antibiotics.

6. Nutritional regulation of patients with celiac disease should avoid wheat products. In patients with IBS can cause overreaction reduce reflex diarrhea, gastro-colon that can change your diet.

Soluble fiber foods take dairy products instead of using soy and rice-fiber foods (insoluble) fibers with a high content of fruits and vegetables have to be careful when eating regular small portions help to reduce the symptoms of the syndrome food spastic colon.

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