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What shallots? Shallots, what's good?


Go Go is growing and will impair vision, you may need antibiotic treatment for advanced shallots enough to prevent the discovery of the century. In addition, depending on the intensity of pain, your doctor may recommend painkillers. Although intra-sized shallots that do not require medical treatment, there are some techniques that can be used at home.

What good income ARPACIK?

You can warm compresses a pigsty with a 15-minute period. Repeat this 5-6 times a day. Applying warm compresses to your eyes when you leave. This method helps the less time healing the inflammation and swelling of the stroke.

Keep hands away from shallots and shallots, of course, does not work to tighten. In order to submerge the hand only helps to increase inflammation and spread.

Do not make eye makeup and cosmetic products to take any shallots. Lotions and creams can cause the spread of inflammation.

If you do not use on & # 39; breaks objects, until the shallots. Contact lenses can lead to the spread of the shallots.

Grate the potato on the size and place them on a clean cloth and wrap shallots fine. Shallots accelerates the healing taking Potato splash. the same day that the (new and clean cloth) can be repeated 2-3 times.

Thyme oil with 39 & # is another natural products used as shallots. Thyme oil dripping 2-3 drops of cotton piece of shallot crawl. thyme oil with shallot onions Antiseptic helps reduce recovery time.

You can use chamomile tea to reduce swelling caused by flies. Strain wait until warm chamomile tea after brewing to normal. Then a piece of cotton fly via the actuator. Repeat 3-4 times each day.

other infections such as garlic, shallots, natural antibiotic reduces recovery time. 10-12 days, when questions about food garlic garlic to increase perspiration and breathing.

Echinacea with & # 39 is one of the antibacterial plant shallots good income. You can use shallots control on cotton in chamomile tea and Echinacea.

Do not pay attention to your diet to shallots. in terms of vitamins A and E, which are known to strengthen the body against infection, try to & # 39; there are often rich in fruits and vegetables.

ARPACIK time to get to what extent?

If you experience any of the following cases, you should start going to the doctor treating drugs.

– shallots because the size of the century does not open
– If the redness around the eyes
– If shallots influence your judgment
– If part of the century, around the nose Shallot
– If the eye is reddened Feed
– If pain is severe,
– If excessive secretion from the eyes
– If you have double vision
– If you have a fever
– Lymph glands (neck area), when the swelling

Ways to protect ARPACIK

To draw attention to the cleaning of the face and hands and helps prevent the formation of shallots to repeat.

Make sure that your face from any cosmetics that you use. Especially in conjunction with a spike for products that you are using your eyes. Check the expiration date of said product.

it prevents the formation of information on the consumption of flax seed shallots in some resource is. If you are experiencing frequent problems, you can try eating flax seed shallots.

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