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Xiaomi made statements for wireless charging technology!


Highlighting the rapid charging technology Xiaomi, Both wired and continues to work to improve the quality of fast charging without wires. with the Xiaomi Mi 9 20W wireless charging Offering the user & # 39 facility, the company also found some explanations about the new wireless charging. wireless charging Xiaomi He made some statements about the development of technology.

Xiaomi to make a statement about the technology of wireless charging!

CEO of Xiaomi Lei JunDuring his speech, he spoke about the development of wireless charging technology. Jin, they developed the first wireless charging technology 7.5 W Recall that this technology 20W They stood up to support, he said. Indicating that the use of first-generation wireless charger Jin enough, it also explains why cumbersome and dear This is due.

With the help of advanced technology, a new generation of wireless charger more quickly. cheap and functional Jin, showing that he said that they were trying to move this technology forward. On average, the general director of the first generation of wireless chargers 45 in 75 dollar while between this price with modern technology 15 dollar He said he pulled level. The company Despite all these developments, products more appropriate price He added that they are happy because they can offer.

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