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Yavuz Bingöl owned villa that value was determined as 350 000


In the district of Balikesir Ayvalik türkücü Yavuz Bingöl in 2012 famous artist Hülya Avsar, who was acquired in a cottage icralık. Executive path to the value that was determined in the 3 million villa sales increased to 50 thousand. The villa is of great interest.

Yavuz Bingöl, mansion-style houses purchased from Avsar daughter, his great love living married and divorced in 2016, his ex-wife story gourmet 200 thousand pounds were put up for sale due to the implementation of the compensation demand a divorce. «You Got Black Sea" series reflects the nature of history Gourmet Asie, after a period rows with the actress and singer Yavuz Bingöl combines the defendant came to life situations.


They sang along with his brother Berke "Front of house painted right" entered the world stage with the song «You Got Black Sea" cemented his reputation with a series of stories, Gourmet; In the period 2015-2016 on the & # 39; united his life with the artist Yavuz Bingöl. They had no children after the separation of couples with Yavuz Bingol, history Gourmet was not sentenced to pay alimony. The proceedings were initiated against the decision taken by Yavuz Bingol on trial lasts for many years. Situated in Sarimsakli beach Ayvalık, worldwide known after the decision of the expert report at the villa; 350 000 pounds (50 billion pounds 3 trillion) was evaluated price. The house, which is 200 thousand pounds Gourmet Yavuz Bingöl allegedly demanded monetary compensation can be sold.


Official villa gave important information about the sales process. Yavuz Bingöl villas icralık, that many citizens Commissioner said that contact with him at his discretion, to take place in the media, "The villa is very nice and the place, and we see that the interest in relation to the past, famous singer Yavuz Bingol. Anatolian 14 sales transactions completed and the sale date to be determined by the Executive Directorate and the villa will be sold through an open auction process. CEO and howler, which will take place in the presence of someone who can take part in the tender for the Turkish citizen. In after-sales Bingol Story Gourmet, which for 200 thousand of debt will be closed and the costs of carrying out düşülüp other numbers will be returned to Bingol, "he said.

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