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3 Amateur citizens invent "good rain" for the dissemination of green areas in the UAE


Weather variations and changes in the outside & # 39; I am over what keeps people thought of ancient and modern, because it directly affects their daily lives, it is not we capturing his attention antennae case, trying to figure out some of the revelations, and how to form clouds and type, such as low clouds and the environment, and class and pull the rubble Muzani, and those 3 amateur citizens of Umm Al Quwain, and they Salman Ibrahim Al Jasmi and Faisal Saeed Al Hammadi and Rashid bin Mohammed Al Hamidi began over four years innovation (good rain), which works to uc to reproduce the warm sun rays and turn them into Cumulus heavy rain that turns the desert into green Jinan, thus ending the march of the late Sheikh Zayed – Rest his soul – who looked after the environment and distribution of green areas in all the Emirates, where he was confirmed for "statement "The project is a strong sea water evaporation process, heat concentrating sunlight using a large concave mirror, to achieve the degree of concentrated solar heat to 200 degrees Celsius, mirrors published on pl soup of 10 square kilometers and are provided with special devices for spraying condensation nuclei of viable micro-convection with the rise in the flow of saturated water vapor, which would drag and increase the proportion of precipitation.

sea ​​heating

He says Salman Al Hammadi said the project (rain okay) depends on the heating sea water quickly through the use of large concave mirrors, one of which has a length of 10 meters, creating a fusion of rays point the Sun leads to the formation of a temperature up to 800 degrees Celsius or 8-fold boiling point of water, whereby the air pressure outside the elevator can lower to a higher quickly, which leads to the formation of low cumulus heavy rain, because it can adjust the tracking of sunlight on to be directed under evnym angle mirrors devices until they are operated as a large part of the hot sunlight increase the water evaporation process, especially under the leadership of g Temperature Weather & # 39; I increased evaporation rate, indicating that the project & # 39 is the first of its kind in the region, and is in the early stages on an area of ​​10 square kilometers can be increased.

10 hours

He added that the project, in which all conditions for its implementation, which in particular provides local currents grow warm and saturated steam which is up to 30 ° C are available through the basin with a length of 10 square kilometers, and provides nucleoli Condensation through a special device drupes for distribution, in addition to reducing the rate of environmental heat, which leads to an escalation of the particles warm air in the upper layers, which may continue to grow as a result of lightness and weight, and that the process is derived from the east in before sundown, about 10 hours of continuous intensive heat as much as possible of the water to evaporate, noting that the draft may be used in any 3 Be first dryland by heat atmosphere that promotes the process of evaporation, and the second at sea, such that air saturated with water vapor, and in the third place near the sea, where they can control the water level and the lens flexibly.

Tourism Development

Said Faisal Al Hammadi project said (rain good), if applied on the ground, will bring a lot of positive – especially – and that in the direction of the state strategy that works for the promotion of food security file, as well as with the most positive aspects of the climate in the country and increase the level of groundwater moderation because of the large amount of rainfall and the spread of agriculture, irrigation, and increasing the proportion of oxygen in the air ratio to the spread of agriculture and the elimination of desertification and easy to set up the project and the possibility of er use in all parts of the state, in addition to the fact that he & # 39 is a permanent method, because it is a & # 39 is derived from the sun, as well as to stimulate domestic and foreign tourism through the influx of tourists, because I really think for air, and statistics showed that 80% of the UAE desert environment, and this project in case the application will turn the desert into Jinan, noting that the cost of the project, which is allocated more than 30 million dirhams in the processing of orders mirrors and spread over large areas and its range of devices, It will be used.
He explained that the project & # 39 is one of the mega-projects, and that if the application will see Emirates rain gauze during the year, which makes the desert into green land to expand the vision, as will be filled dams and wells, as well as project with & # 39 is the first of its kind in the world.

main reasons

And Rashid Al Hamidi says the project (rain good) is present in nature, especially in the tropics, where the sun is perpendicular to these areas in the daytime hours, and that the difference between the equatorial and our project climate, the project will provide the main reason to be such a & # 39 ; true as the rain system associated with a daily temperature of the system and, consequently, the activity of the rise in air streams before sunrise directly take the temperature to rise quickly, it follows that raising the activity of increasing the air flow and in the second half ie the date of the activity reached its peak, and then be thick Cumulus, and then run down the rains and the sky clears up again sunset is not until the morning, indicating that the rains, which can reduce the problem of desertification in the country.

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