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Arabic document for environmental legislation with the & # 39 is an Arab links

Dr. Meshal Bin emphasized understanding of the peaceful Arab Parliament President, in his speech on the occasion of the proclamation of the "Arab document on the protection of the environment and development" Ceremony November 27, 2018 BC, the Sultanate of Oman to the attention of the Arab Parliament to prepare the "Arab document on environmental protection and development "came from the reality of the problems and challenges facing the Arab nation in the field of environmental protection, the commitments to move forward, and confidence in the ability of Arab societies and its leadership in the transit stage better with the help of God, and it was the main purpose of the document to use our resources and our resources, and belongs to the Arab nation, human wealth and strengthens S socio-economic data and natural resources are enormous.

He stressed the peace in his speech that the launch of the Arab Parliament document Arab environmental protection and development of the Sultanate of Oman, on the & # 39 is a tribute and evaluation and honoring of the Sultanate of Oman for your attention and interest in the environment, the preservation and development, until it became the Sultanate Oman is an innovative model in the preservation of the environment and development, rather than in Arabic or regional level, but the international, this is the place of honor and pride and gratitude to the Arab people.

Peace, and he noted that "Arab document on Environment and Development" was the product of extensive discussions and in-depth studies have begun to the Commission on the social, educational and cultural issues, women and young people in the Arab Parliament and approved by the Arab Parliament at its fifth role of the fourth session of the 30 in May 2016 to create a comprehensive vision of the concept of environment and protection based on the principles of the Islamic Shari'a, and the value of an authentic Arab culture, as well as established principles of human rights a person to live in a clean environment, suitable, thus adopted by the Council of the League of Arab States Summit in ninth twenty held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia "Jerusalem Summit" under the chairmanship of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia in April last year, in a clear message about the relationship of the Arab leaders to protect Arab environment to achieve sustainable development with & # 39; is a citizen of Arab with a & # 39 is the goal.

Chairman of the Arab Parliament that "the Arab document on Environment and Development" with the & # 39 is the legislation of reference of the Arab to protect the environment and development, and is aimed at codifying and framing and preservation of the Arab media, and its close relationship between environmental protection and natural resources and a comprehensive and sustainable political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the concept of development and promotion of the concept of environmental security in the Arab as one of the most important s foundations of Arab national security, given the risk of attention to the environment in the Arab countries the escalation of threats and continuing violations, which leads to depletion of natural resources, the Arab countries, in particular, the risks and threats that arise as a result of wars and conflicts in some Arab countries, as well as the consequences of abuse and criminal actions pursued by the occupation forces against the tough environment in occupied Palestine.

The head of the Arab Parliament, said that "Arab document on the protection of the environment and development," stressed the links between sustainable development and environmental conservation and sustainable development in the Center for the Environment is not of & # 39 is a desirable goal only in the Arab region, but are closely linked is to combat climate change, which threaten the planet, and the Arab region on its association in particular, as well as environmental threats to Arab security, especially air and hazardous waste spills and nuclear Kalahaaat and toxic gases and pollution of water resources, desertification and drought, pollution severity in pursuit of Arab Parliament to contribute to the conservation in the Arab environment, balance and protection of natural resources in the Arab countries, as well as to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development, as well as concern for the rights of future generations.

President of the cost of the Arab Parliament, an effort of the Arab countries in the field of environmental protection, development and creation of ministries of the executive bodies concerned with the protection and development of the environment, pointing to the importance of the age of councils and parliaments in Arab countries, the legislation in the form of conservation laws and Arab media It supported and urged Arab parliaments and councils to guide the Arab document on environment and development at the age of such legislation.

The head of the Arab Parliament gratitude and appreciation to the Sultanate of Oman has the power, parliament, government and people, to cover the launch of "Arab Environmental Protection document environment and development" ceremony, the embodiment of interest in the Sultanate of Oman to the environment and preservation, as well as through the status and experience of the Sultanate in adoption of laws and the development of policies, plans and environmental programs and their use as the first ten countries in the world to care about the environment, the first Arab country to offer international awards I do on behalf of the International Sultan Qaboos Prize for environmental preservation of the environment.

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