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Artificial intelligence Saahlna control the future


Sharjah 24 – WAM:

His Omar bin Sultan Al-Ulama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence has confirmed that artificial intelligence would qualify us to control the future, and the control that a & # 39 is one of the priorities of the government, he came in a lecture at the exhibition pavilion Sea Foundation Culture of Abu Dhabi International Book in 2019 under the name of "the future of man."

He said that the world has entered the fourth stage of human civilization, a stage which can be called "artificial phase intelligence", in which humanity has reached a level that gives them the right to say, he may invest technological and digital advances, and deliver them to the service of man .

He added that the artificial intelligence that has become one of the UAE government's priorities, and tomorrow is not available in the UAE human service, and to contribute to the achievement of happiness to him and ease the life in front of him, the urgent task set in the UAE at the forefront of its priorities, and instructed the Ministry of artificial intelligence work for their achievements, as well as the creation of plans and ways to ensure their implementation.

He pointed out that artificial intelligence into our lives greatly, and tomorrow used to enrich various aspects, as well as to find answers to the challenges that we face, part of the strategy developed in the UAE in the coming years, so it makes it way to ensure peace and security and a decent life for every citizen and resident of that state.

He said that the UAE strategy is based primarily on human resource investment in the state, and believes that it can help attract investment in them.

He noted that the United Arab Emirates became the first in the world to invest in the field of artificial intelligence, and make it a tool for the perfection and development, and it shows a clear vision of arming his government wisely to solve the problems ahead, and flexibility, which moves in reality Moar does not stop movement and change of all, again, on the condition that it should be the center of attention all over the world in a set of knowledge and skills and the hosting of experts and mechanisms of decision-maker, established the world's largest football tournament of the robotics competition, whether er of Abu Dhabi Media also on the world level in a set of artificial broadcaster to prove getaDora and our artificial intelligence to make the best way to invest in the field of work in the coming years.

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