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As Samsung Galaxy will be released, "Note 10" without buttons? (Video)


Many reports showed that Samsung will release a new Galaxy "Note 10" new design entirely within Samsung mobile Seven & # 39; ads, will the phone without buttons, and will be fully replaced by new sensors provide the same sense of pressure on the mechanical buttons, but more elegant.

Looking at many of the phones that have already entered the market in the last months of the year, you can expect will depend on how the Samsung, to introduce the idea of ​​the phone "no buttons" in August / August.


The company relies on the replacement of the volume control buttons and a tactile button touch pad control button interactive, so the buttons that offer you as well as your sense of pressure on the real mechanical buttons. The experience of the phone without a & # 39; appearance of iron will be comfortable in the hand and give you a feeling smooth and soft, and make your capture more control over the phone.

This is what is already provided Meizu company in its "Zero."

hand gestures

Maybe Samsung to exploit the sensor depth «ToF» in Alselva camera next phone «Galaxy Note 10" field, so pick up the phone the movement of your hands and to recognize the nature and direction, and thus, you can manage your phone in a few movements before the camera, and never have to touch the screen of your phone or mechanical pressure on the basis of its buttons.

The Company has applied "LG" has this idea in its LG G8 ThinQ

Changes in the air

Can also be a Korean company relies on the use of innovative technologies for the movement of the fingers in the air depending on the radio, so fired sensor phone intersect user with your hands through these waves, and then the phone can understand and identify the movement of the hand, that is exactly what is provided by Google an innovative pilot project Soli.

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