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As the bar seemed to be veiled Halima Aden during the filming of the number of specialized swimming clothes?


Dubai, O & # 39; the United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Muslim elected casual, Halima Aden, a new character and a unique, Bburkana and cover his head, becoming the first model to wear a uniform like on the cover of "Sports Illustrated».

Garden of Eden, which was the first athlete wears a headscarf and Burkina Faso during the Miss Minnesota in the United States in 2016, said on CNN at the time that "many Muslim women feel that they are not from the & # 39 are part of the beauty of community standards "adding:" I would I tell them that it is only natural that Eetmazn difference because the difference is also beautiful. "

As the bar seemed to be veiled Halima Aden during the filming of the number of specialized swimming clothes?

Participated Aden, the same feeling during the filming of the company, according to her, in the video behind the scenes: "As I grew up in the United States do not really feel that he & # 39 is representative, because I could not read through the page magazine, and I see a girl wearing a headscarf, "she said, adding:" Do not be afraid that you were the first. "

Halima Aden

And raised a young American of Somali origin, in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to America with his family & # 39; her when she was seven years old.

It is worth noting that the company is photography for "Sports Illustrated», was held on the shores of Watamu Kenya, as told Aden magazine that she thought of herself when she was six years old, in one of the refugee camps in Kenya, adding that "the greatest and I live the American dream and return to Kenya to film magazine in the most beautiful parts of Kenya .. I do not think it can any story Echtlgaha ".

This is not the first time that the young make the story as it was in March / March, one of the three models of fashionable black veiled, and who put their photos on the cover of Vogue magazine Arab.

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In April / April 2018, Aden was copied her name in the fashion world as the first veiled on the cover of «Vogue» magazine British.

Random Somali / American fashion told CNN, she encourages women to stay true to yourself with, and encourage them to get out and not be afraid, because they & # 39 are the first Iqmn action.

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