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Because of the "black invasion" … trouble in Israel and six Arab countries (video + photos)


Spread out in recent years in a number of Middle East countries, a unique type of insect that has led to a wave of panic and fear among the population, which has become a modern region as a whole.

It all started at the beginning of the month of April / April of this year, when the insect referred to invade Syria and Iraq began.


He showed a video and photographs taken in the UK, the insects also applies to Holy Makkah and civilian, who have been scattered, and the use of suction devices for insects. As it has already been called more workers to cope with it.


Floods triggered a wave and floods and rising river water, a number of Iraqi provinces in repeated attacks of insects and snakes and rodents and some wild animals on a number of residential areas after the water has swept many gardens and fields.

Most provinces, penetrating rivers such as Diyala, Tikrit and Samarra, Fallujah, and had seen a wave of floods and floods destroyed vast areas, according to the villagers stack located on the banks of the Diyala river, insects and snakes and scorpions and rodents swept home to avoid the water that flooded the gardens.


Director of Agriculture in Damascus said Ali Saadat and its surroundings cause of & # 39; the emergence and spread of insects "black beetle» (Alcalusumaa) in recent days in Damascus and its suburbs, stressing that this insect is useless.

The news agency said the "SANA" Saadat this error Wheel "Black Beetle" with the & # 39 appeared in recent days in Damascus and its suburbs because of the heavy rains and the expansion of vegetation cover.

Saadat explained that this insect is very short intervals between the ages of 22 and 26 days, and attracted to light at night.

The spread of insects «Alcalusumaa» is popularly known as "black beetle" mainly in rural Homs, Hama and different areas of the desert.


According to the newspaper "Al Masry Al Youm", common in different areas and communities Arish black beetles, where many citizens complain about their presence in abundance in the areas where they live.

In turn, released for Agricultural Research in Arish Al station issued a statement confirming the show in conjunction with the migration of the bed and the locusts, and distribution of scorpions, which causes them to & # 39; appearance is essential for maintaining the balance of nature, because the bed locusts and the huge amount of harmful for people and cultures, and everyone, especially locusts, and Kalusumaa climate Oliver can not stand the heat or sunlight, he & # 39 is in the early evening and preferred residential areas, because of the lighting, not just light, but find or their prey in front of the light, and the locusts as bed linen and others.

She explained that pesticides do not affect Alcalusumaa, but may narcotic Up & # 39; yanenne paralyzed simple, but to no avail, the one who does not need to control and waste of time and money.


Witness saw several villages and areas in eastern Lebanon Saturday last, the invasion of these insects are black in color, known as the "black beetle", in particular, in a number of regions Beck.


According to «ArabiaWeather» site, she said recently, the high prevalence of this insect In large parts of Jordan.


According to local media, said that the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection on Monday that a large number of black beetle spread in several cities.

Omar black beetle

It is a kind of beetle, is the scientific name of Calosoma Olivieri, known in the Arab world on behalf of the black beetle or Alcalusumaa insects, black Amralkhnevsa very short intervals between 22 and 26 days, and are attracted to light at night, this is the secret behind the gap in some localities at night, black beetle insects Alcalusumaa or only active at night and feed on harmful insects and worms in soil and vegetation, which may be in the absence of pest or insects Alcalusumaa black beetle

The reason for the spread of the black beetle is unusual in that year

Abundant precipitation in the region this year and vegetation with & # 39 is a spring which extends the root cause proliferation and conventional black beetle or Alcalusumaa insects, the insect normally live between herbs and plants in moist soil, and finished on the surface at higher temperatures .

Benefits of black beetle

This insect is useless elimination of insect pests in gardens and forests that are not harmful to health for people and crops, and should not have to fight, because it's good appearance and spread of this kind of beneficial insects to maintain the ecological balance, which feed on the larvae of butterflies, It has extended the period of larvae of harmful plants which can be a pest in the absence Alcalusumaa or black beetle insects.

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