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Egypt Urgent News – Egypt News: Video


The most important and urgent news Latest Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt Today: Tuesday, 30 Krasavik 2019
The details: News Egypt urgently – Egypt News: Videos | Sherif Madkour: «thank our cancer Auchan Lord showed me a love for the people"

Sharif new media medicore, thanks to all their fans, after he announced the disease of colon cancer.

According to him, «medicore», during his series "Sheriff Street", broadcast via satellite "life" on Tuesday: «Mcnch expected that people who Bihboni and Bejavo, to remain so, Bhkurhm».

He added: "I Mkhaddod, and Hasses network I can not see I had cancer, I feel Hasses Bathola our Lord Auchan ask me when people Pthabk and Ptqdrick, thanking God that he Jabla cancer Auchan Mcnch knows who Bihboni lot . "

He continued: "I know that different with me a lot, but most of them claim to have written to me to heal, beautiful words, and I appreciate very much, and I thank my children's friends, where they sent me a number of letters is estimated at thousands to support me. "

He concluded: «Mesh Hasses I had cancer, but I Hasses in the call of our Lord Bimithani Hakhlina and brought to him."

In an earlier statement to the "homeland," he said Sharif media medicore, it suffers from a benign tumor, and may not need surgery to remove it, noting that it will show how his trial during the coming period.

He explained that he had discovered a tumor lesion, after he went to the hospital for tests, indicating that he decided to publish his illness immediately, because "the network's disease defect" that does not need to hide from its audience .

Later tests showed that the tumor was malignant medicore injured Sharif, in particular, "colon cancer" and showered with invitations to young media and wishes for a speedy recovery.

«Medicore» and confirmed that he will be surgery to remove the tumor in the second or third day of the holy month of Ramadan.

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