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Fashion model B «Burkina Faso" on the cover of the famous American sports magazine


source image YU TSAI / Sport Illustrated Swimsuit
header image This is the first time the magazine published a photograph of casual wear Burkinabe

Halima became Aden, casual American fashion Somali origin, the first Muslim to & # 39; appear in «Sports Illustrated» magazine wearing Islamic bathing suit (Burkina Faso).

Image with & # 39 appeared in Aden version of the annual nautical magazine.

US crossbar told BBC: «We need to find girls who wear the hijab women tend to them in all fields."

Halima and raised in a refugee camp in Kenya, and then moved to the United States, and seven-year-old wore the veil shortly thereafter.

She added: "Now we see women working in the fields of politics, business women, correspondence and television, as well as other people who have achieved success in various fields, and they wear the hijab prominent role Iqmn, and this is the message you want to publish. "

She continued: "It was a strange answer, very honored to be a Sports Illustrated magazine has taken this step."

Sports Illustrated, published on the cover photos Tyra Banks and Beyonce, from magazines, which make up the majority of male readers. The reaction was mixed for distribution Balborkina bar image.

source image gait
header image Aden with & # 39; appeared in Allure magazine's cover in 2017 to be the first exposure veiled with & # 39; appears on the cover of the famous American magazine

One user straining social network site, "If you wear a veil and gattine your skin – less motivated by religion or decency – it is not consistent with the picture, showing the situation of sexually attractive."

He said another member, saying: "I Sotvhm so if the picture was published in the video guide to show wear swimming women, but men in the magazine focus in the first place, I think that he has lost the purpose of the curtain."

In contrast to the reaction to the cover raised more positively on the Instagram website. One user said: "hit me every year a lot of effort is made in an amount to satisfy the majority of our readers this year, I see that we have a new level .."

Said another user: "I continue to bar & # 39; barriers, my love."

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source image YU TSAI / Sport Illustrated Swimsuit
header image See Halima Aden, there should be no difference between randomly do not wear a veil and other worn

She described the American Bar Halima Aden scarves as "crown" in an interview with & # 39; nd the BBC in 2017, and explained how the designers of women's right to choose to answer, saying: "I was surprised by the lack of fashion models is veiled, it should be fine, and there should be no difference between them and the rest of the models. "

In the same year, Aden shows the first veiled with & # 39; appears on the cover of the famous magazine in the United States.

He said Michelle Lee, editor of Allure, told the BBC that the magazine is very proud Bhalimh, which is a & # 39 appeared on the cover of this issue, which was released in July 2017.

She added: "The United States has been and remains a melting pot image of American beauty has become very diverse today Halima and her amazing story …"

Designed Burkinabe Ohida Zanetti, Australian Muslim said he targeted this dress to allow Muslim women to participate in the life of the beaches. "

source image getty Images
header image Beach is saving Burkina Faso in Australia

She added: "I would like Arby's daughters on the freedom of choice."

Burkina Faso is still controversial, especially in France, where the government, which is offered in several cities of France, to impose a ban on the wearing of it, arguing that it is incompatible with the secular laws.

And the French reaction to Burkina Faso, Zanetti said: "What is it you are trying to control why not Amnhonhen right to go out and carry out their lives as normal?".

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