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Gap Chrome browser for Android displays a fake address bar


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Referring to the seventh day of the site dated to Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

One developer found a gap in the Android version «Google Chrome» Web browser exploit the trust of users in the address bar, which is a & # 39 is at the top of the page to make them believe that they have a safe place, and showing a fake copy of the address bar browser.

According to the blog jameshfisher, private developers, "Jim Fisher," which opened the gap, it can be any Web site trick users by showing a header row, with the guarantee that this site & # 39 is safe, instead of tape and a native interface where the use of any fraud in the design,

The report explained this gap that the browser Google's Chrome hide the title bar when the user scrolls down the page, but the "Fisher" has found that he can trick the browser to display the image mimics the title bar, where a fake bar the top of the display page, and keep it with the & # 39; reality image while scrolling at the bottom, up to now, the fact that Google does not explain it at the moment, or to disclose the steps needed to correct this gap.

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