Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Google Chrome «Google Chrome» Updates for 2019


Google Chrome Company «Google Chrome» launched a new update for the Chrome browser to fix a security vulnerability exploited by hackers to penetrate some devices.

Google Chrome «Google Chrome Updates»
He said: "Justin distorted", a leading company in the field of security in Google Chrome "Google Chrome" say if Google Chrome users to upgrade their browser to the latest version right now at this moment … This is a very serious & # 39; serious call. "

Today, Google announced a new update for Chrome allows customers to log on through many other browsers, such as «Firefox», «Internet Explorer», «Opera» making «Security Key» is currently working on many other browsers that support this format.

This step is particularly useful to facilitate your next Gmail on computers that do not use the Google Chrome browser «Google Chrome» and based on other browsers.

It is worth noting that Google had to allow customers to log into their accounts through the "security key" in the browser, "Google the Chrome" only provide an additional level of protection for user accounts.

Google Chrome browser «Google Chrome» with & # 39 is the browser is the best and most widely because of the differences in a variety of functions, such as voice search function, synchronization with your Google account, the link between the Chrome browser and Google search function, Incognito features automatic operation of the important & # 39 facilities safe browsing.

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