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Radical shift in Egyptian relations – Arab indicate the last five years, which is also a shift in the domestic level of stability after the stress and chaos prevailed in the country since the Brotherhood to control the reins of one year managed to sabotage regional and international relations, Egypt is also a significant the extent to reign stability in the Egyptian streets during the revolution of June 30, 2013, which was at the beginning of the recovery period and the strengthening of relations in all external levels, particularly at the level of Arab States due to hold not a crisis hit a number of countries, even Egypt back to its leading role in the region, participation in decision noisy S is not just a watch or support.

The researcher says that the Arab Center for Studies and Research, Mustafa Salah said that the events of the revolution June 30 helped in the return of Egypt to the bosom of the Arab after having been in the grip of the Brotherhood, and in light of the failure of the regional political leadership, found in Egypt, especially activities Muslim brotherhood in many Arab countries, which threaten the security and stability in the region, and thus the growth of the government of President Abdel Fattah Sisi marks the beginning of the first guarantees for the return of Egypt Hadh Arab against F ylav political relations and security interfaces with the Arab countries, Egypt and helped in its external relations with the environment, geographical, represents the first safe and Astq decision region.

Researchers: Revolution 30 June helped to restore Egypt to the bosom of the Arab .. and "Cairo" has become more prominent in the regional and international files

He continued: "Thus, Egypt has helped many Arab countries to the elimination of the causes of instability policy, such as regional security issues and terrorist activities in many Arab countries, as is happening in Libya and in the storm packs led by Saudi Arabia in collaboration with some Arab countries and supported by a built-Arab-Arab agenda, which will increase the rate stability and growing state of brotherhood between the Arab countries. "

He added that since the beginning of the crisis in Libya, Egypt has worked to adopt a foreign policy with neighboring geographical location, to ensure the stability of these countries, and thus subject to political solutions for the collection side, adding: "From the beginning of the Libyan revolution, Egypt I worked on the Arab-Arab League decisions within or through bilateral relations with the Libyan interior sides. "

And Syria, says an expert in the field of international relations scholars, noted that the role of Egypt in Syria was through the League of Arab States, where it supports all the steps adopted by the League to resolve the crisis, the beginning of the peace plan by sending envoys from the League of Arab States for the internal situation, and the end to take the vision to preserve the unity and independence of Syria from interfering with the regional non-Arab countries.

Internal stability is reflected in its external relations and .. "Xixia" restoration of relations with the Gulf and Egypt were the representatives of the Arab position at the international level

On the right issue, Salah said, "" Egypt's foreign policy was the face of the groups below the level of the States, as Egypt has one policy with regard to these groups, be it the Brotherhood or the Houthi group, or Hezbollah in Lebanon, Msttrda: «Egypt against armed groups" and, therefore, stands in front of the base of international intervention with these groups and use them to strengthen the internal divisions in the Arab countries, pointing to the fact that we are a bar & # 39; EPA for these groups in relation to regional efforts or arabic with Hughes-Arab or regional responsibility for Egypt in this framework, and continued: "Egypt was working on the work of its efforts to cope with these two groups in the Egyptian home or abroad, in general, in an Arab country."

And on the Palestinian issue, the researcher noted that Egypt has submitted a proposal to reject the US recognition of Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, when she was a non-permanent member of the Security Council, and also hired an international effort to a & # 39; to combine support for this resolution, the Palestinian reconciliation efforts, there are many Egyptian delegation visited the gas sector and the Palestinian Authority to restore the Palestinian house in order and to contribute to the development of a coalition government of both sides to provide access to international recognition, and the pieces of Egypt inculcated efforts of the League of Arab States in the various countries, as well as against international positions Engineering arbitrary decisions, such as the recognition of Jerusalem as the rebels from Israel and move the embassy there, as Egypt has provided many ways for development assistance in the framework of the Palestinian and to ensure kind and financial assistance.

And to oppose the Egyptian position with the United States on the Palestinian issue in light of Egypt enjoys excellent relations with the United States, suggest that diversification of the foreign policy of Egypt has opened the way to take a balanced relationship with the surrounding Arab and international situation, and, therefore, this model is designed in the Egyptian Minister of foreign Affairs of Egypt became longer present in the regional and international issues, and have more opportunities to implement its foreign policy, despite the fact that it was in it before, and continued: "Egypt was in international isolation in relation to its decision of a political or geographical coverage, or in international platforms, so it adds the Egyptian foreign policy, being able to be able to use, and use many of the bilateral relations in the interests of the Arab peoples, or service in the interests of his service of foreign policy. "

Dr. Mohammad Sadiq Ismail, director of the Arab Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that the Egyptian role after 2013 in the Arab region has been very impressive, it is the relationship with the Persian Gulf, the 6th by the form of apathy as a result of the visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad during the reign of Mohammed Morse, so it was there some kind of trouble in the Persian Gulf on the situation in Egypt and the Egyptian policy towards the countries of the Persian Gulf, and added that after he took the "Sisi" presidency rushes back again regarding Ina with the Gulf countries, pointing out that the Gulf itself welcomed President Sisi, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have announced the rotational support 30 U Yu renew its relationship to what it was, and strengthened under the chairmanship of Sisi, pointing that was the strategic partnership between Egypt and the Gulf countries at all levels. Within a month, to find or president in the Persian Gulf in Egypt, as well as President Sisi goes to one of the Gulf States, even under Qatari crisis was cohesion between Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council, added: "Remember, of course, the argument Xixia President (rail distance), reflecting the interest of Egypt in the Arab Gulf region in the annex to the support and the participation of Egypt in the Arab coalition in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, all of these things indicate that Egypt is firmly back in the Persian Gulf, Alabama Ruba and President Sisi went in the Sultanate of Oman, which has always adhered to the policy of neutrality to the different issues, all of these things were to assume that there are good and excellent relations with the Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), but Qatar as a result of the crisis and its interference in the affairs of Arab countries. "

He said that in 2014, Egypt is trying to discover a new relationship with the Palestinian factions, rival "open" and "Hamas" to take care of common interests between the two sides and the convergence of views, pointing out that Egypt welcomes Bkiedy Fatah, Dahlan to try to "Hamas" to capture the Brotherhood, and added to the degree of Palestinians, as well as the visit of the foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry premiership & # 39; er Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to raise the question of restoring Palestinian negotiations, pointing out that Egypt in all international forums of events and confirm the Arab identity of Jerusalem and its rejection of US policy in the Golan Heights, and Israeli recognition of Jerusalem.

And Libya, Ismail said, "" Egypt has put forward a political solution, and was attended by political parties in Libya, the heart of Cairo more than once, whether it is the president of the Chamber of Deputies, the wife of Saleh or the Council under the President Faiz OS or marshal Haftarah and supported the Libyan National Army and welcomes the political decision of the Libyan crisis, and that there is constant coordination between the two parties as to the boundaries and the common aspiration of the political crisis in Egypt calm, adding that "in 2015 put the president's decision to sire Sisi yskim crisis reduced to a few items, including buffer zones, etc., and today is already talking about buffer zones and Egypt continues to support a political solution to Syria crisis, as well as the Egyptian role in the placement of the Syrians on its territory and not to stand in them, and one at the border and regarded them as the Egyptians in the land of Egypt. "

As in the case of terrorism, Egypt has agreed with the Arab countries, such as Jordan as a strategic partner, as well as Iraq, where President Sisi met with the Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi, in the last month, also put forward Arab-European summit and put forward a summit of the African-European, Arab-African summit and continued: "all of these things indicate that Egypt has passed from the issue of attention at home attention abroad, and attention abroad, can be displayed on the things of stability in home, and began a relationship with the Arab vymyaren Niemi continuous sleep, even when Egypt is in the international forums, such as meetings showed Asy- Trump questions Yeh presentation and the Arab point of view, not just Egyptian point of view. "

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