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I look Qeed 3a2ly episode of the series 01 series of online "by some & # 39; u" First Season First Episode 01 YouTube HD || Watch the first episode in a series of live something & # 39; I DMC Youtube without sharp reflections and play date


We go now watching the series with the & # 39 is a family ring firstFamily Register as our return to the DMC channel showing the latest series of exclusive, not only that, but also try to offer a series of significant artistic content attracts audiences to the spectrum of Arab society, not just Egyptian, A series of seminars in the series Family The series reflects the Egyptian society and the Arab Here's to us and to the holy month of Ramadan, the new series is the first time on the small screen, a series of family Kadi, which includes a large bouquet of stars beautiful art and young stars, and we will contact you through this report all the news Episodes from the series Family Kadi, And the date of supply and return, as well as a way to have seen on the Internet.

Now the first series episode 'with & # 39 is something & # 39; I'

Series' with & # 39 is a family episode of "01"

Planned to show series is a family first season at 8 pm premiership & # 39; EASURES on DMC channel, and then in 11 on DVD or CNN drama.

Watch the first episode of the series something & # 39; I

screen channel DMC represents the first episodes of the drama series with the & # 39 is something & # 39; I on Saturday, 2019/3/30, to be presented Saturday to Wednesday of each week will show an episode of "01" on Saturday, 30 Traven 2019 where the series is displayed on the channel display on Saturday and even on Wednesday and can watch the live broadcast channel DMC drama video below and enjoy many exclusive series.

Next to the family & # 39; s in a series of new family tales:

A live webcast of Canal de GMC

Live broadcast channel DMC Drama

It is planned to show a series of family & # 39; and at 11 pm the channel DMC Drama

a series of events under the Family «2019


There was a dispute among the spectators uterine SCC and DMC drama, after the presentation of the promo of the first teaser for the series' with & # 39 is something & # 39; I "where it belongs to a series of social drama interesting, two family & # 39; and to start including the fight for money, the next episodes, something fun and exciting way.

Bromine series "with the & # 39 is something & # 39; I" .. the first time at the SCC

Heroes series 'with & # 39 is something & # 39; I'

As previously mentioned series family series of social dramas, with the participation of a wide range of art-stars such as: Simon – Niyazov Yasmin – Ahmed Tuhami – Merhan Hussein – Rami Wahid – ment fazlı – Ihab Fahy.

The series is written by Raja Mohamed.

Directed by Tamer Hamza.

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The history of the series by some & # 39; s 2019

Artist "Salah Abdallah" shows us the events "under some & # 39; and" series role (preferably Holi), a businessman, and he has six sons, and on the basis of a series of events, artist Salah Abdallah to conflict with other series characters.

peace Walid star also show us a new role, a character (Magda) works as a jewelry designer, and is married to an artist, "Mohammed Riyadh," which embodies the personality of "judge" to the principles, such as high, and tries in a series of events to apply justice and fairness in their work.

Among the heroes of the series stars can "Mervat Amen" through personal entrepreneur, with her husband, artist Kadir «Ezzat Alayli», which embodies the personal timber merchant, and has an excellent reputation in the market.

The series relates to the quality of a series of 45 episodes, and was to be called "White House", but was changed to the filming of the series, but agreed to "Tamer Hamza" and the film company director «Arts Group Egypt» on a new name, "the family & # 39; and"

Series date at STC family channels

Decided to propose a series of channels DMC "in the family & # 39; and" for the first channel and drama on Saturday, March 30, that it will likely be displayed after the end of Ring the second part of the series "Aba Bride" What hours and reached a very high wow something & # 39; and a series, and we hope that the family series' with & # 39 is something & # 39; it "the same success from the previous series.

Family first season on the channel DMCFamily first season on the channel screen DMC Drama
The first presentation ◀ ️ at 8:00 pm
Firstly Replay ◀ ️ at 3:00
Re-second ◀ ️ 12:30
View first ◀ ️ 11 pm
Re ◀ ️ 9:00
Re again at 3:00 pm ◀ ️

We will add you to the first episode of the report directly, and we'll add Vdioa live broadcast channels to watch DMC series with the & # 39 is something & # 39; I live during the presentation of rings.

Mr. applies Fakharani, channel director of "DMC drama" and the head of the Drama Center of content development, "the D- Media" that MCP with & # 39 is something & # 39; it, which consists of 45 episodes, speak and show for two parts, displays a first part, consisting of the 25 episodes during the next few days around.

The second part will be offered after Ramadan, especially 2019 in September.

We will contact you in the next few days supply and return date other than the screen to associate all the episodes in our Arab News and the link to the live broadcast of the episodes for those who died on the television shows they are DMC channels.

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