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Jordan and happiness .. it is located between the Arab countries


Jordanian women04/29/2019 10:24

Clock – A report published by Gallup on the mental state of the world in 2019 that a third of the world's population lives psychological pressure.

Jordan and settle in the report center on the 90 countries of the world and the tenth Arab Kasaad Arab countries, while O & # 39; the United Arab Emirates, dissolved in the first Arab and the Arab Center Jordan came after Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon.

Also showed that more than half of Alamirkan feel tired, when the Republic of Chad is employed in North Africa, where the deteriorating lead among the countries of the world who suffer from psychological pressure offense, and came two countries in Latin Paraguay and Panama, the United States leads the world in a positive and peace of mind.

The report said 55% of Alamirkan suffer from stress and pressure at work, while Greece has maintained its position since 2012 in most countries, tense and stressful, where 59% of the population are still suffering psychological pressure.

Despite the fact that the US economy is in the best shape, but 45% of Americans are angry and oppression
And that these psychological conditions have increased every year. The report said that the people of Chad Alamirkan merely psychological pressure and Chadian peoples of the earth more grief and pain, and 70% of the Chadian people do not have the necessary food.

The inclusion of a report describing the state of Canadian society, which affected the psychological pressure of one and fifty percent of the members in addition to the fifty-four percent of them are infected with depression, sadness, and a third of them are concerned.

The paper published a list of the happiest countries in the top ten and suffering in the world, where it is maintained in Finland at her first among all countries in the world are Bahina and happiness in the UAE is the happiest Arab country.

Arab came to the UAE ranks first in the world (the happiest Arab countries) and Yemen holds 152 and was the order of the other Arab countries, with the & # 39 are as follows:

Catarrh (32)

Syria (33)

Bahrain (43)

Kuwait (45)

Libya (70)

Algeria (84)

Morocco (85)

Lebanon (88)

Jordan (90)

Somalia (98)

Palestine (104)

Tunisia (111)

Iraq (117)

Egypt (122)

Sudan (137)

Syria (150)

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