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"Music in Bourg Egypt» Damanhour Opera


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Summary of the National Film Center, headed by Dr. Khalid proposals Abdul Jalil Opera Damanhour Cinema Club, Tuesday Damanhour Opera House at seven o'clock in the evening.
It planned the film "Music in Bourg Egypt" by Hanan Radi.
The film revolves around the allocation of the unique identity of Egypt through a tour of musical regions that bear the stamp of Var & # 39; iruetstsa from province to province, is considering several technical models in Matrouh, Ismailia, Garbo, Qena, Aswan, along with the original music for the Nubian tribes Alababdp and Alepesharah village Blanh.
After the film, I held a seminar run by film critic Islam Ahmed Ali.
Damanhour Opera Film Club organized by the National Film Center, in collaboration with the Egyptian Opera House under the direction of Dr. Magda of Saber, and will continue its activities in the last month, while providing the opportunity to attend free of charge to all those interested in the movie.

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