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New academy for training and preparing staff nationality of Science and Technology navigation


Minister of Infrastructure Development, Chairman of the Federal Authority for Land and Administration of Maritime Transport, Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhev al-Naimi, that this year will be the opening of the Academy of new loose in Sharjah, in collaboration with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, for training and preparation of national cadres in the state and in the region, stressing that the UAE currently occupy the front ranks in all areas and indicators of the shipping industry worldwide.

It happened during a briefing patrol organized land by the Federal Authority and Maritime Transport, yesterday in Abu Dhabi, to announce the results achieved during the past year, during which he announced the minister re-run of the Council of the International Maritime Organization by Category (b) upon receipt of the state in last year, it occupies fourteenth worldwide in overall performance and classifications and levels of key performance in the global maritime shipping industry activities.

Al-Naimi said that the Commission has worked for 2018 to make the country a regional center to assist in capacity building of the sea and the revitalization of the maritime administrations in the human hand, and training and increasing the number of marine specialists in the Mediterranean and in the Persian Gulf through membership the state Council in the IMO (IMO) TCP, FAO and the completion of a permanent establishment of the state and support the work of the permanent representative of the state in the international maritime organization, as well as join and a number of important international maritime conventions and protocols procedures.

He said: "Under & # 39; the amount of the approved UAE ports in the rules of the World Health Organization from 8 in 2016 to 12 in 2017, annexed to the increase in the number of processed ports port security system, environment, and the provision of reception facilities for all types of ships and sewage from 10 to & # 39 waste facility by 2017, about 18 & # 39 of the object in 2018, applies to all ports of the country and approved by the international maritime organization. "

He added Al-Nay: "At the national level, the Commission has worked on the development of the shipbuilding industry in the country to complete the development of the updated Law of the Sea in accordance with the requirements of the development in the field of maritime transport, as well as the completion of the issuance of many regulatory decisions for the transport sector and maritime development and adoption of a number integrated Maritime sector regulation policy of the state, a number of seminars and internal training courses that are conducted examination of the maritime sector in the Commission, as well as participate in all investigations of maritime accidents that have occurred in the country's ports, in collaboration with the houses of the international experience and training so IMO reports, develop and begin implementation of the plan of complex integrated audit of seaports in the country to meet international requirements in order to ensure the safety and protection of the marine environment, which includes all the major ports in the state, in addition to coordination with local authorities and ports in order to reduce a & # 39; reality of abandonment of ships and the protection of seafarers.

He noted that the annual meeting of the federal government, which was held in November last year, resulted in important indicators for the marine transport sector First, the establishment of the National Maritime Center, as agreed with Abu Dhabi Ports to be the founder and responsible for the preparation of the Center under the auspices of authority was appointed in charge of the command object and continuous coordination with all ports to facilitate the preparation of the center, which will be launched later this year.

But between the second figure is connected with the preparation of the national maritime transport strategy includes working with all sub & # 39; Federation entities in the state that affects the victims of the maritime sector in order to have a private maritime sector in its strategic plan to stimulate the growth of the sector as the existence of laws that invest offshore and promote marine insurance in the Federal insurance and more attention to the performance of maritime education maritime industry, making the maritime sector sector of the economy moves integ Ravana is not only the role of the Commission only in the field of legislation.

He said: There is also the Abu Dhabi Marine Academy, which now offers training courses, which were created by him in collaboration between Australia and the ports of Abu Dhabi, Klahaly Higher College (HTC) technology raises the specialty of sea transport and includes a number of students .

He stressed Belhev Al-Nay, that the continued presence of the Organization & # 39; the United Arab Emirates to the International Maritime Organization Council as an active member in the previous two years, opening the door to all forms of national investment to expand global distribution and directly and continuously with respect port systems and the facilitation of international maritime traffic (Thuraya Telecom project, the project section gateway unifying maritime search and rescue) standards, a number increasing reputation -qtaa maritime transport and Art ganizatsyi in a country that will pave attract more investment in this sector, in particular, own and operate ships and marine industries help Walt Dry docks include vessels servicing the support of government and maritime industries, which will attract significant investment and promotion of industries in the sector maritime transport and increase economic returns to the sector, and thus the state.


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