Saturday , April 4 2020
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New .. TV carousel!


"Samsung" company presented a new TV that can view the contents of the vertical or vertically, similar to those adopted on devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

Company TV display "Shiro" Screen South Korea measurement of 43 inches type «Q-Walid", it also supports the column "60 watt" 4.1 channel system, making it ideal for working as a cameraman for music on the Internet, as well as display content .

TV can be controlled with the help of an assistant, "the Samsung" individual known as "Bixby" the site said the Conservative government as "Virg" technical innovations.

«Samsung» did not reveal more details about the TV, but several technical sites, is expected to be of "high quality screen up to 4".

The company said in a statement that the purpose of television gave the "millennium generation", who wanted to show them "Shiro" content from their mobile phones.

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