Nusseibeh: The UAE University encourages young people to see the future innovatively


Zaki Anwar Nuseibeh, His Highness’s cultural adviser to the President of the State and Supreme President of the UAE University, received on Tuesday morning in the office of the Director of the Center for Happiness Studies in the Emirates of the Emirates University of Nufa al-Junaibi and the International Society for Positive Psychology in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Khadas director of the university.
Nuseibeh congratulated Nuf al-Junaibi on her scholarship, emphasizing that her work helped to establish the standards of excellent professional practice that emerged during the spread of the Crown pandemic, while emphasizing the need for a source of evidence-practice and professional activity based on happiness and well-being. proved their important role. In support of a positive human experience during the Crown crisis.
He added: “We are proud of the young Emirati women who continue to strive and make great efforts to support the country’s march to achieve leadership in all areas, and I am delighted that a UAE University graduate received this scholarship in appreciation for her outstanding research contribution to the center. which is the first research center dedicated to the topic of well-being and development.
He concluded his speech by saying, “The UAE University encourages young men and women to look to the future in an innovative and unconventional way because we believe the future needs innovative, creative minds that keep pace with the country’s march, and prove to the world that nothing is impossible in the Emirates. “
It is worth mentioning that the association is a professional organization established in 2007 to promote positive psychology, stimulate research in this field, promote and publish its results. He makes sure that it is applied responsibly and effectively to give practitioners the experience needed to achieve maximum well-being and happiness.
Scholarships of the Society are awarded to its members who have made the most significant contribution to scientific or practical progress in positive psychology and to the development of the Society. (To you)


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