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Study: What hurts the heart and brain hurts


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(Reuters) – A recent study showed that people who have elevated risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity may be more susceptible to changes in the brain that can lead to dementia.

The researchers examined data on 9772 adults who underwent all to study the magnetic resonance of the brain, at least once, and gave the information to the public health and medical records.

The study focused on the link between the brain structure, and so-called risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and blood vessels. They found that, with the exception of high cholesterol, all of the other risk factors of smoking, hypertension, diabetes and obesity, have been linked to changes in the brain, including abnormal people with dementia suffer.

The high frequency of vascular factors disease, the more deteriorated brain health, as evidenced by the reduction in size and reduction of the & # 39; gray matter volume (that tissue mainly found on the surface of the brain and is responsible for the commands to all members of the body or so-called nerve signals ) and poorly white solid (release tissue found in the deep parts of the brain and nerve signal transmission function to the rest of the body).

Simon Cox, who led the study, he said, from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. "There are some things that contribute to the aging of the brain and cognitive function, which we can not change it (like our genes), so that we can look at it as a list of things that we have some control or the so-called flexible risk factors."

Cox said by e-mail, "There are many other advantages that can be obtained from, for improving the health of the heart and blood vessels (improved diet, weight, exercise and controlling blood sugar levels and smoking cessation), but there are other compelling evidence that these advantages also maintaining brain health. "

It emerged stronger links between risk factors and vascular structure of the brain disease in brain regions known to be responsible for the most complex thinking skills that degrade in the development of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The researchers reported in the European Heart Journal factors, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, is likely to affect brain health in old age as long as you are an adult.

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