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The best defender in the world's toughest test against Messi today


Barcelona hosts today at the stadium "Camp Nou" Liverpool colleagues at the beginning of the final of the Champions League, where they meet in the semi-finals are great hopes and expectations for both teams. Noting Barcelona title «La Liga» days ago, wants to appeal to remove the strongest competitor in the way of the title six of the Champions League, to maintain hope for a triple achievement of this new season, and remains first rate and the final Barcelona star flamboyant, Argentina's Lionel Messi, who put the best defender in the world, Liverpool Dutch star Van Dyke in the strongest tests today.

He wants to Liverpool from fewer losses, before the return match at "Anfield", the seventh this month. Knows that the biggest problem facing how to stop Lionel Messi, who spoke about the Liverpool defender Scottish Robertson, when he said in a press statement that the biggest concern Liverpool Messi, especially in light of the accusations difficulties and reduce the severity of, but stressed that the only way to combat it plays as a unit, without careful monitoring, especially in the presence of the players is very dangerous in Barcelona through former Liverpool star Luis Suarez Uruguayan and Brazilian Coutinho.

Barcelona has reached three League Copa del Rey and the Champions League in 2009 and 2015, and looks to repeat what has been confirmed by the club's president, Bartomeu.

It was not in front of Barcelona, ​​a lot of time to celebrate after permission crowned Spanish league title this weekend as the club's president talked about the three-way after the match in the 35th stage, which saw the resolution of his coronation.

When asked about his opinion about the decision of the President of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, the game is to pass the championship trophy to Barcelona after the match against Levante on Saturday, rather than waiting until the end of the season, he said: "This is good, because at other times of the year, not It had the opportunity to celebrate the night of the name resolution. "

Soon Bartomeu of focus for the European Championship, saying: "The players will train in preparation for the heroes, I feel very hot about all the names, and our goal is to increase three-fold.

It was not a player that is not the fact that they need to focus on, to move forward towards the European title. "

Coach Josep Guardiola, Barcelona has led the trilogy in 2009, and then to repeat the same achievement Luis Enrique with the team in 2015, and now Ernesto Valverde is looking forward to join them.

Valverde has not received, calm nature, most of the attention, the celebration of Barcelona and their supporters in the Spanish championship, "Camp Nou".

When asked what his plans for the night of the coronation of the league, he said: "I do not think that, in connection with this, I'll just go to my house, you have an idea?".

Valverde, having a high degree of modesty, lunch for the team after the game did not attend the coronation, and was not present in any of the members of the Technical Associate apparatus. After achieving success in the Spanish league on Valverde and its direction towards the complex task assumed against Liverpool, who coached the senior coach Jurgen club in the hope of success in the European arena, and compensation from the Catalans to the quarter-finals last season.

Argentine star Lionel Messi, already the basis for Barcelona put before the first leg against Liverpool, where he said, after Manchester United face in the second leg of the quarter-finals, saying: "do not play at the level we showed in the first 10 minutes."

He has a group of Liverpool of the best players in the world, including Egyptian Alguenasan Mohammed Salah, Senegal and Sadia Mans, as well as offensive center engineer, Brazilian Vermenao, soaring strong doubts about his ability to catch the game.

And will face Barcelona is a big problem to find enough gaps in the defensive line of Liverpool strong this season, with the best player in England, the Dutch Van Dyke, who is currently considered the best defender in the world, and will be eye stored in the dialogue, which will rotate among them and Lionel Messi.

Van Dyke began his car & # 39; a career with Liverpool in January 2018, and finished last season among the top four in the league and reached the Champions final, where they lost narrowly against Real Madrid 1-3.

These are players who Sewagham Barcelona again, the Brazilian goalkeeper an Allison, who will remind them the memory of the catastrophic, when he was a guard in the den of Rome last season, ending a strong bar & # 39; er in front of them, and contributed to the farewell in a humiliating manner Champions League, in which the number of Barcelona players cried, as quoted by the spanish newspaper is where Barcelona played at home 4-1, but lost three-nil in Rome.

But Liverpool has won a record 91 points still up to the end of the two phases of the local league.

The club described the possibility of making his title in England for the first time after a 29-year-old would be "the Holy Grail", but it still has to be committed leaders and defending champions Manchester City, incomplete in the last two stages of step.

Dutch law violates the Catalan media

Strongly criticized the Catalan media, especially the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" and "Sport", ordered Dutchman Kuipers, Barcelona and Liverpool management. Papers say that Barcelona in eight games with this decision won three matches, and were marginal games, noting that the biggest problem with it is that it does not leave the card is rare, it can offer the players of Barcelona, ​​plus the violence defender Liverpool, according to their . The last match was the moderator of Barcelona in 2017, and a draw with Juventus zero-zero.

And before one year, he led another match with Roma ended in a 1-1 draw. Liverpool saw their game, Moderator Koibers recording two wins and a draw one, and it was generally positive with the team.

Liverpool Barcelona protested the way up to the third three.

– Salah Manet big bet on Liverpool to visit Barcelona box.


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