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The Nordic countries are living the shock of weak confidence in the financial scandal of its institutions after a series


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Resulted in the identification of suspicious transactions to the Danish branch of the bank «Danske Bank» in Estonia, and the search for work in «Swedbank» headquarters near Stockholm, shaking confidence in financial institutions in Scandinavia. These countries tend to boast a degree of transparency, which is used by banking institutions.

This increases the size of the opening acts of money laundering in the Nordic countries, which boast the overall credibility enjoyed by financial institutions, Zhola and questions about the "transparency" of the model, which was seen as an example in the world.

The financial crisis and clumsily in 2008 way alleged advantages, which are banks in the Nordic countries, by determining a & # 39; investment in assets "corrupt" the Icelandic institutions, which remained almost die be fixed in post.

But banks and other Nordic countries have remained immune to the scandal.

After more than ten years, Awaken to detect suspicious transactions for the branch of the Bank of the Danish «Danske Bank» in Estonia, as well as searching the headquarters of «Swedbank» operation near Stockholm, conscience in those countries.

Says professor of economics at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, Christian Biornskov «Once raised the issue of this type of reaction to the & # 39 is very strong (…) It is a matter of thinking, as the Scandinavians confidence in their institutions."

These countries have established Scandinavian "model" for the prosperity of the whole on the basis of the balance between freedom of investment and social protection, all guaranteed a high degree of transparency.

"Out of a time of innocence"

To the value of the corresponding amounts in suspicious «Danske Bank» to EUR 200 billion.

He writes «Dagens Industri» Swedish Finance on Friday that "a time of innocence was over long ago. It is time to recognize that the large northern banks (…) have undermined the reputation of the world. "

She added: "It is a great reputation, which has been presented (banks) to become a tool for money laundering."

He also caused suspicion about the "Nordea" bank, which is a & # 39 is the first in Northern Europe, which recently moved its headquarters from Stockholm to Helsinki for financial reasons angered Sweden.

How can we explain the transformation of Denmark and Sweden in the "two committees of money laundering" after they were, respectively, the first two countries, and the third in an annual ranking of Transparency International on corruption in the world ?, According to what I wrote a newspaper "Dagens Industri »?

Expert sees in the fight against financial crime, Martin Nord that "society was too slow to impose what he wants on the financial sector."

The bell rang the alarm after the European Union's directive on the recommendations of the fourth money laundering in 2017, "which called for interested companies to take effective measures to combat financial crime."

"Exchange Court"

He called on the Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister of Sweden and Denmark Stefan Leuven L.Lokk Rasmussen in Stockholm this week to impose sanctions on banks typically commit violations.

He warned of art, "it destroys the credibility of the entire financial system and the reputation of our country." As Rasmussen said that Denmark, Sweden, stressed the fines a "very strong message" for the institutions suspected of financial irregularities.

Copenhagen has recently raised the value Gramadtha eight times and is now Danish banks currently face financial penalties equivalent to twenty times the value of profits collected illegally. The face on the guardians of these banks fines to imprisonment for up to six years.

Louise Brown of & # 39 is one of the Transparency International, that the president "of Swedbank" Bank, which was filmed Thursday only "scapegoat", despite the fact that they bear part of the responsibility, of course, but was sacrificed to keep the Board of Directors.

The newspaper "Dagens Industri" reported that "the financial prosecutor in Sweden may have difficulty in condemning the criminal bank, but the best judgment is still in the stock market", where he lost "of Swedbank" more than thirty percent of their capital since the beginning of the year.

Newspaper «Pursn» and noted that the main problem is to know, banks understand the message. Do you have a sincere desire to play a constructive role in society more than the former? ".

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