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"The Samsung" extends the family "A" known by the phone


Monday, April 29, April 2019 at 10 pm / Ma'rib Press Agency

"The Samsung" has recently introduced two new handsets developed specifications for connection to the family & # 39; and their phones from the category "A" of the medium, which is loved by millions.

The first phone "Galaxy A60» smooth structure waterproof and dustproof, with a "screen LCD Infinity-O» 6.3-inch size and resolution of the display «+ FHD», similar to the screen «S10» modern phones «Samsung».

It also provides a good performance of the phone «Snapdragon 675" eight cores, «Adreno 612" graphics processor, and 6GB of RAM, internal memory and GB storage processor 128.

He came to this phone with the camera key three precision of & # 39; a lens (32 8 + 5 +) megapixel camera, front camera accurately 32-megapixel camera, face detection function, a fingerprint scanner, and cut «NFC», the price of only $ 300 Oh.

Telephone second «Galaxy A40s» come screen «Super AMOLED», 6.4 inches in size, display resolution, and + FHD processor «Exynos 7904", and 6 GB of RAM memory and 64GB of internal memory, which expands, and battery capacity of 5000 mAh enough to work for two consecutive days.

Main camera phone, missed three precision lenses (13 + 5 + 5) megapixel camera has the ability to capture images with high resolution in terms Dalkia

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